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CoD2 Tweaks: The Danzig Config
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Just the other day, out of the blue, I received an email from one of the all time, greatest, config-tweakers in Call of Duty 2: Danzig.

Danzig was the one who inspired the CoD2 database of pro configs.  This Californian Codder had a great reputation in CoD2, both as a player and as a configuration-optimizer. 

Recently though, he had fallen off everyone's radar screens. Where had he gone? To learn more about him and his CoD2 tweaking prowess, I arranged to meet him in Xfire. It was during this meeting that he told me a tale of a great configuration he had once made. It had taken him weeks to put it together. It was so full awesome pwnership that he had only shared it with three of his friends! 

What other secrets had this guy unlocked? Visions of Nazi-gold and lost-pirate treasure suddenly appeared in my head. Quickly knocking those images out of my subconscious and re-entering reality, I caught this line as it flashed past my monitor:

"It's called the danzig.cfg file", he said.

"Whaaaat? Dude...ya have to share this with the readership!". 

Without hesitation, Danzig agreed. What ensues below is a summary of our Xfire Q&A session. As well, Danzig uploaded his configuration file for all of you to try!

The Danzig CoD2 Config Interview:

BS: Danzig, thank you for taking the time to talk to For those out there who may be new to the CoD scene and have not heard about you, tell me a little about yourself and your experiences in COD2.

Danzig: Well, when the game (CoD2) first came out I wasn't really a big gamer - 'til maybe a year after it started. I joined a couple noobie clans, learned about competition and how everything worked. then I met a friend who introduced me into tweaking and all that stuff. Then, eventually, I got better and better as time went by.

: Did you play a lot of tournaments in CoD2?

Danzig: In LANS and cafe's ya, all the time. I never played an online tourney though cause I wasn't really interested in all that - until near the start of CoD4.

BS: How did you get into tweaking configs?

Danzig: A friend passed me a "pro's" config one day and I liked it a lot, so I began searching for more configs and I eventually became addicted to them. Lol. Then I decided to start editing some configs, study the commands. Test the commands and see what does what and how this one counters that one, and which ones are "illegal" and "legal".

: Was your goal to maximize FPS or accuracy/registration?

: Definitely accuracy and registration. I couldn't believe how many times I'd seen people complaining about these two issues. But FPS was important too, so I worked a little on that as well.

BS: You have seen quite a few "pro" configs over your life. Do most of them optimize accuracy and registration over FPS in your opinion? In the CoD competitive scene, who in your opinion had the best config?

Danzig: Yes, I have seen a lot of configs and I've come across a lot that do optimize the reg and accuracy more than FPS, but FPS is important in accuracy and reg as well, so those configs didn't do so well with me.

And my opinion for best config was either Prank's (Team Pandemic) or Knaller's (Tek-9), I preferred Knaller's config.

BS: I've never been able to find a document that explained what all the client config commands do. How did you learn the commands? Trial and error?

Danzig: It kinda just sticks in your head after you've tested all the commands you visually see. I never read any website explaining what the command does or what's its function. I just used common sense.

BS: You are quite well known and respected in the CoD2 community for coming up with consistently the best CoD2 configs ever. Where were you when I was playing tournaments?! Lol. Did you ever come up with a config you were particularly proud of?

Danzig: Well I wouldn't say well known but respected ya :).

I made a config one day because a friend said he was tired of the one he was using. So, I decided to make a config and I put in countless hours of checking to see what difference things made. And after, I would say, two weeks of working on it I gave it to my friend - and he totally freaked out.

So I tried it out for myself in a competitive pub one day and totally stunned myself on how amazing this config was.

It was just unbelievable,

So I told my friend not to show anyone this config besides another good friend who was in the same clan.

BS: Can you describe the danzig.cfg?

Danzig: danzig.cfg is just pure awesomeness. It changed how I saw CoD2 visually. It let me run details that i couldn't before without losing like 50 fps. Its accuracy and registration were great. I've made so much random/planned out shots that I thought I could never make.

: There's always a raging debate over what settings to use for cl_maxpackets and com_maxfps. Have you used any particular combinations (ref: Sweet Spots in CoD)

Danzig: Yes there was (a debate) I remember, but personally cl_maxpackets barely made a difference in my gameplay, but com_maxfps ...I frequently change while I play from 125-250.

BS: I haven't seen your name recently...did you leave the CoD scene? Do you have CoD4?

Danzig: Sadly I went on to RPG games right when CoD4 came out. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like CoD4 or not, so I kinda ignored it and went on to a different game. I am coming back to the CoD series though and I'm planning on buying CoD4 very soon and I cant wait to try out some configs and hopefully make another one like danzig.cfg.

BS: Hopefully you will be stopping by to give us your impressions of CoD4 and share your knowledge of tweaking with us!

Danzig: Oh for sure. I'm glad we met and I'm sure you were excited to find me :D


The Danzig Configuration 


I just tried it out on my machine (P4, GPU: 7900 Nvidia, 1200x760 res, with most of the video settings at mid-range) and I could instantly "feel" the difference.

Kudos to Danzig! This thing rocks.

Let's first start off with FPS: I was getting high double digits (80's, 90's) on most maps. The Danzig took that to 125. 

But that's not what this puppy is all about. Remember: registration and accuracy is what we're ultimately looking for.

And daaaaaaaaaamnnn it delivers!

First, I loaded up my favorite server (a modded one at that - action is fast and furious, unlike stock play). I used the modded server to really max out server-client traffic and thus put the config under a severe test. I entered the server with a scope and an Enfield (bolt action). Everyone else in the server had auto weapons.

Normally I'd be hunted like a wild animal with that load out. Sliced and diced and what's left of me mailed home. But Danzig's config changed things - I became the hunter. I was headshotting at distance. I was winning close up melees (remember...I only have a bolt here).

I had one of the most memorable moments of my entire CoD2 career in the few minutes I tested danzig.cfg out. I was playing CTF and near an enemy base, providing fire-support to my team, which was trying to snatch the enemy flag. My opponents were swarming and spawning everywhere. Calmly I plugged ten of 'em in a row with an Enfield at mid and close range. It was unreal.

I was shooting the pimple off a fly's forehead at long distances while on the move!. Head shots at two-hundred feet, taking out peeps while I was falling...etc. Man I started to pwn so bad I actually had to take it down a bit before folks start to think I was haxoring! 

All the guns felt "light" in my hands and re-engaging targets became easy even with ponderous weapons. 



1. Download the file danzig.cfg.

2. Place it in your C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main CoD2 installation folder.

3. Run the game as usual. You might wish to write-protect your config_mp.cfg.

4. In console (press ~), type: exec danzig.cfg 

5. You might need to do a /vid_restart command in console at this point.

Currently, Danzig has set his com_maxfps to 250. For my system, I brought that number down to 125. While normally I would then suggest a cl_maxpackets of 125/2 = 63. I left it the maxpackets at 84 under Danzig's advice. While I still think 63 would be correct to achieve the Sweet Spot numbers, I did not see much difference at the FPS I was running.  

Please let me (and Danzig) know how you fared with this awesome config! Post your comments here: BS Boards.

Or contact Danzig using Xfire: inkkk



CoD2: Island Madness Map
Written by jockyitch   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008
Here in Southern Ontario, it has been a dismal, cold winter. And with a snowstorm raging outside, I would love nothing more than to head south to one of the islands.
So, that's what I did tonight.
But I didn't need to book a flight or a hotel room. I just had to dial up one of my favorite servers, FKmod's CTF #4 (IP and wait for the Island Madness map!

Island Madness is one of the quirkiest CTF maps I have ever played. It is filled with subtlety and if you like a map with Easter Eggs...then you just hit Easter Bunny central.

The Setting

As the name suggests, the map transports you to an island location. It is a tranquil scene, a sunbaked, steamy, tropical setting. The humidity-laden air envelopes you as you look around at a group of tiny, sandy islands. The islands are mere pin-pricks in the huge ocean that surrounds you. The sea is calm and shallow. You can stand waist high in the deepest spots.

Spawning as a German soldier-tourist, you begin your fun-filled adventure from behind "The Mansion", nestled on its own little island it overlooks the "Main Island" and sports a large billboard on its roof.




As you head for "Main Island", you splash across the knee high water. The tranquility of this tropical scene is soon broken by the terror of a gray fin streaking towards you.


The ocean around you is infested with these predators.

You dart away, avoiding sudden death. In doing so, you nearly touch a black, spikey, iron ball floating on the surface of the water. It's a mine - a big one.

Both the mine and shark kill on contact so you need to stay alert.

Splashing ashore "Main", you see the most bizarre thing...a guyed maypole. Atop the pole stands one of your buddies. He hops onto the tip of the pole and is literally launched into orbit. Losing sight of him in the clouds, you turn away - only to hear the deafening crunch of your pal hitting the hard-packed sand behind you seconds later.

As you walk away from the maypole, you start seeing the puffs of dust coming from the ground. You're being shot at! You look around and see no one. But look again! Up there in the Airship...and over there hundred of yards away in the balloon. Snipers!!

You zig-zag towards the shore line and hop onto a fishing boat for cover. It speeds away at breakneck speeds - you barely hang on. Hopping off - you find yourself in front of the enemy base and take their flag.

In the last two minutes you've managed to avoid a man-eating shark, a massive sea mine, snipers in balloons and a possessed fishing boat.

What the hell is going on here?  It's madness I tell you. Island Madness. 

Many players who reach this point are tempted to quit out of frustration - after all it's a very large, strange map. Carentan it definitely is not.

The pace is somewhat slow, and it requires a good deal of tactics, patience - but it is a rewarding map. 

The complexity in this level is incredible and it is the amount of detail that can be found here that made me decide to study this map a little closer so that I could get the most out of it.

However, after looking it over for a few days, there were still a few things that baffled me. For that reaon I went to talk to the person that put it together on CoD2, {FKR}KillerKlown, to get the inside scoop.

Interview with its creator 

In this exclusive, {FKR}KillerKlown tells us all about this map.

BS: Where did this map come from?

KK: The map was originally made by <|WHC|>Grassy for UO. He kindly provided me with the .map file after I emailed him. I ported it over to COD2 as I had already done three map conversions: Maaloy, Entrenchments and Vierville. {FKR}Disco Stu started it off when he sourced the .map file for Maaloy and asked me to convert it. Once that map was complete, I decided to asked everyone if they had any favourite maps from COD or UO that they would like to see in COD2 and we would try to obtain the .map files for them and get them converted.

BS: In the map, you can actually shoot through the water. Is this a glitch?

KK: Yeah the underwater shooting is a glitch. In UO, when you put a water texture down, it was impossible for you to lie prone on it. Sadly in COD2 there is no such restriction.

BS: The teleportation portals is something I've just started to notice in CoD2. Where did the code for these portals come from? Was this code difficult to add?

KK: Teleporters are actually very easy to put into a map: You create a trigger in the map, then choose the area you want to teleport to and create a script_origin. You then connect the trigger to the script_origin and the rest is done in code - So you set the origin of the player to the script_origin when they touch the trigger. The code for the teleporters in Island Madness was supplied by <|WHC|>Grassy and I just converted it over.


Behind the Map

{FKR}KillerKlown provided, these exclusive screenshots from Radiant, his CoD's mapping software:

 Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

KillerKlown describes the Radiant images:

Image1 shows the Stargate and the red lines are potential destinations from that teleporter.

Image2 Shows the maypole (with player clip to prevent people getting under it and blocking the lift). You can also see player spawns in the landing crafts on the right.

Image3 is the Fishing boat where you can see the trigger to activate the boat and the little pink box is a script origin, which is used in code to manouvre the boat back to where it started. 

Map Features

{FKR}KillerKlown goes on to describe the main features that make this map one of the most unique in CoD2 history:  

Fishing Boat - Activated by a player and chugs off around the island, stops at the dock for 20 seconds and then chugs back to where it started.

Teleporters - There are four ring teleporters (jock: or as I call them...transporters) and one stargate in the map that allows you to teleport to a random (although pre-set) location in the map. The stargate is an instant teleport, but you have to wait for the rings to drop with the ring teleporters.



Balloon - When the player activates the Balloon, a flight path is picked at random (there are five possible pathways in total - But they all end up at the same destination). The Balloon then floats over the pathway, arrives at the final destination, waits five seconds and returns back to where it started.

Airship - When activated by a player it will fly to one of the smaller islands where players can get off or get on and then it returns back to the main island.




Butcher's Shop - When a player activates the meat cleaver a game of russian roulette is triggered - players stand on the squares on the floor and a bomb will randomly appear and disappear.

If the bomb ends up on the square a player is standing on they become 'Crazy Ivan', the bomb attaches itself to them and they have 30 seconds before it explodes and the aim is to take out as many other players in the explosion as they can. After the bomb explodes, the game is ready to play again after 35 seconds.

Roaming Sharks and Rafts - There are two sharks roaming the map that will kill you on contact. There is also a raft that roams around the island that players can lie on to sneak up on inslands. Although when the map starts, it will either be a roaming raft or a roaming mine.

Maypole - When a player climbs up it, they are propelled into the air.

The aim is to land in one of the water buckets, as regardless of what height they fell from, they will not die if they land in the bucket. In Radiant for UO, if you create a ladder and rotate it at an angle it has the effect of propelling the player up it at high speed (and off the top).

Unfortunately, in COD2 this doesn't work, so I had to come up with another method for this to work. I eventually settled on a touch trigger at the top of the maypole and a large, invisible block that rises up out of the ground, propelling the player into the air. Once it reaches a certain height, the block rotates which drops any players off it and then returns to its original position ready for the next time. There is actually an aim to this and that is to land in one of the barrels around the Maypole (regardless of the height) and you will not die - I created a special texture that you can land on from any height and you will not be killed.


Ringside - When 2 or more players enter the ring, the door will close and the round will begin - The victor of the bash cage match will receive 5 bonus points for being the last man standing. Anyone who gets in the way of the closing door will be squished.

Spinning Radar - Doesn't do anything other than look nice. Spins around, waits a second and then spins back again. 

Here is a view showing the Radar Dish. 



In this picture, you can see the cables used to support the Radar dish. You can walk along these cables all the way along - but you are a great target for snipers. 




Looking towards the Main Island from the Airship, cruising just above the German base. The radar dish and its cable supports can be seen off in the distance. 



Here are some pictures taken just after launching off the Maypole. There are more islands off to the sides of this screenshot. 


What goes up...

Here is a second picture, taken while still accelerating up through the atmosphere. The haze will completely obscure the view as you reach maximum height. The view coming back down is just as spectacular...though brief as you reach terminal velocity, just before smacking the ground hard.



Strategy and Tactics 

The scoped rifles are limited on this map - so hurry and get one. The best load out seems to be a sniper and a KAR98K/M1 combo.

We asked {FKR}KillerKlown for his strategy tips:

KK: The only real suggestion I would have for a winning strategy is to have some good snipers or riflemen on your team and get them to control both the blimp and the balloon, as you can effectively control a large section of the map using these. I would also try to utilize the teleporters to make a speedy getaway, although these are totally random and may actually get you into more trouble.

In our opinion, the best strategy is to move with your teammates as a pack. Provide overlapping fields of fire. Use the teleporters to speed up movement on this huge map. For the Germans, the teleporter on their island base is an excellent advantage - for the Brits...the arched teleporter on Main Island should be a natural gateway.

As in all CoD2 maps, camping should be avoided - running and gunning is your best bet here. Contrary to KillerKlown's suggestion, I have found it very difficult to hit anything from the balloons or from the Airship. I would keep my teammates on the ground supporting my attacks.

The Future 

BS: I can't wait to see what you're going to map-up next. What's your next project?

KK: I'm actually working on a COD4 map at present: Sevastopol. This map was actually the first map I ever made for COD2 and it will be my first map for COD4. It's not a straight conversion project, as I think that WWII maps just don't feel right in COD4 - Not to take anything away from the guys who have done a fantastic job on converting over Harbor and Matmata, but I'm doing a 'modern' version of the map, as it's been over sixty years since the germans were there, so a few of the original buildings are still present, but are severely run down and abandoned.
I have posted it in the Works In Progress section of the forums:

...and there is a few screenies of my progress in there.  

Play Island Madness

You can find Island Madess in rotation in FKmod's CTF#4 server:

Download it here:

Island Madness Map 

Thank you {FKR}KillerKlown for your great conversion and for taking the time to answer our questions. Remember folks, if you want to check out the FKR clan, head over to their website:


Legacy modding: The CoD2 Story
Written by jockyitch   
Thursday, 03 January 2008


With the release of the modding tools for CoD4, the modding scene in Modern Warfare is just beginning to take off. For this reason, we thought we would provide everyone with an abbreviated history of the best of the CoD2 mods and their history as a way to provide some context for the johnny-come-lately's just getting into the CoD series with Modern Warfare.

The modding community in CoD2 was in a few words: brilliant, perpetually disatisfied and angry, and sadly, dysfunctional. Though few in number, the quality of the modding talent available was exceptional and nearly professional in nature.

Having said that, the modders - as evidenced even in the CoD4 community today - were (to be undiplomatic) concerned more with their own interests than that of the community. Most operated alone and any sharing of information was done in an ad-hoc, sporadic way.

Worst still, there were rivalries between camps of modders causing much un-needed stress and even worse, wasted energy. 

Why was it this way? I think that the modders in CoD4 were no different than programming-talent in any other gaming community. What made CoD2 so difficult a place to ply the scripting trade was the relative unresponsiveness of the developer: Infinity Ward.

With IW creating an information vacuum, any shred of game-data became a valuable commodity: gold, if you will. If you came across gold bullion in the street, unless your Billy Gates, you probably wouldn't part with it too easy. You might barter for other things with it - but chances are you wouldn't freely give it away.

The same was true of the scripters in CoD2 that held game-information.

This secretive atmosphere was one reason why the CoD2 scene never developed a critical mass. What it did develop, was petty rivalries and a self-centred culture. I do not wholly blame the modders for this. I blame Activision the game's producers and Infinity Ward its developers as well. While IW's attitudes have apparently changed in will be interesting to see whether the attitudes in the modding community have as well.

Having said is a short history (LOL! nothing I write is short) of  CoD2 modding, highlighting, my top mod events, mods and modders.



If stock multiplayer brought you online then what kept you addicted to CoD2 were the multiplayer modifications.

What were these modifications? Typically, these were changes to the basic stock game. We're not talking about playing on a server with new or different maps here. Mods are more extensive than that.
COD2 modded servers changed gameplay and could even add different it was not just about new scenery.

Server owners downloaded these modifications, more-often-than-not, for free off the internet. The modifications consisted of client and server side files. The server first installed the modification and then downloads to you your client files when you connect.

You would have had to have "Download option" in the COD2 sub-menu turned on for this to work. These modifications could result in vastly different gameplay. In fact, in some cases, the game morphed into something completely different than what you were used to either playing in single player mode or even on stock multiplayer.

For some like myself, the modifications were in general a vast improvement over the pure vanilla stock version of online COD2. For me, mods were one of the main reason for playing the PC version of Call of Duty 2 versus the console game.

And man, there were plenty of COD2 online multiplayer modifications. At last count, one Call of Duty dedicated website, listed over 100 different modifications to the game.

Of these, I have hand selected the ones that I think are the cream of the crop:

Those that made my shortlist of great mods are:

AWE (Additional War Effects)
PAM (Project Ares Mod)
The FK Mod
Extreme+ Mod 

Nowadays, the AWE, FK and Extreme+ mods look more like each other due to code swapping and the inevitable sharing of ideas.

These mods have been (and are) configured by server owners to suit their clan's/clientèle's tastes so it is still very difficult to compare and contrast them. Most, feature faster gameplay, weapon lethality modificaitons and some even allow completely radical (for its time) player-directed artillery fire and airstrikes.

To generalize, the AWE and Extreme+ mods tend to deal more with improving the atmosphere of the game, while the FK mod tried to address the detailed issues of playability.

The Admiral mod set itself apart as a very different flavor of COD2. The Admiral mod introduced the concept of player classes to CoD - players with specific roles in the game.

The PAM mod, was not so much a modification of the game as CoD2 player-interface for competition. The uptight-uncle of modifications, if you will. PAM was closer to the stock version of the game and was primarily used for competition - or serious scrimming.



With the danger of missing many important modders (apologies), we will attempt to highlight some of the more substantial contributors to the modding scene in CoD2. Here they are (in no particular order):


 Bullet-Worm Helped revise PAM and came up with the checksum-workaround for CoD2.



Provided a great deal of assistance to the community on, forums. He created the first CoD 2 MP bots, vital for any modder when it comes to testing their work.




Senior staff on eXtreme+. Took over the duties as senior modder from Marc and was instrumental in the progression of eXtreme+ in late 2007.




Helped script eXtreme+. Split from that project to work on his own. Created the WW2X mod based on eXtreme+.




Made the original PAM competition mod.




Lead programmer of Unbound Forces (a total conversion mod) and was the first one to get a custom weapon in-game.




Gave the eXtreme UO mod to Astoroth who later developed it into eXtreme+ for CoD2. Mentioned here as a legacy UO modder.




Made the AWE mod and various others.




Wrote "Statsgen" CoD:UO & CoD2 stats engine which provides a website, custom signatures and live server spam of stats for your CoD servers




I) AWE : Additional War Effects

This was one of the first modifications made to Call of Duty Multiplayer. This mod was made possible by Swedish COD2 mod hero, Bell and his colleagues. 

Features included the ability to change gravity settings and change player speed. Sprinting was also added. Teamkills (friendly fire kill) could be detected and different punishments to the teamkiller doled out. Damage modifiers allowed for modifications to weapon lethalities.

It also included other features such as disabling minefields on maps, allows various server messages. And allows players to vote on the next map after the game.

Highlights of the mod:

    - It allowed server messages
    - Disabled minefields
    - Server/Clan logo under compass
    - Map voting
    - Customizable health regeneration
    - Customizable killcam time
    - Healthbar
    - Random map rotation
    - Map rotation error correction
    - CUstomized sounds.
    - Checking and renaming of duplicate player names
    - Disabled various weapons.
    - Disabled shellshock
    - Disabled HUD score
    - Colored smoke grenades
    - Head popping
    - Helmet popping
    - Blood splatters on screen
    - Cold breath could be seen

A variant of this modification, called AWE VIP brought a completely new gametype to Call of Duty. In VIP, developed by the French modder Nedgerblansky, one player was selected as a VIP and instantly became the main target of the other team. Your team had to protect that player at all costs while trying to get at the other team's VIP.

The AWE modifications were available from the their website, but in early 2006 that site was hacked and their forum files were wiped completely off the internet. The site was moved, but in February 2006, it too went dark. We reported on the demise of AWE like this in our old BASHtheBlog:

Mike_Nomad and the good folks at resurrected the mod and scooped it up into their network.

The original versions of this mod were somewhat buggy and it didn't seem to work in HQ mode. While some of these issues have been fixed and it has become very stable, AWE has lost a lot of steam to it's biggest mod competitor: eXtreme+.


This modification was developed by the fertile mind of Mattias Lorenz.

This was yet another great multiplayer mod for Call of Duty 2. It featured tons of crazy new ideas, some that were really out of the box and some that had been seen in other mods.

- Players could select a Class, that is, a Soldier, a Medic, an Engineer, an Artilleryman, the Admiral, or a Spy.
- A Rank-System was introduced that is a function of your score.
- Speed and gravity could easily be changed.
- Player Sprinting was allowed.
- Player Climbing of the exterior of buildings was allowed
- Player could spawn inside a Landing Craft (making spawning very dramatic) which would hurtle into the map (whether it had water or not!)
- Players could now bleed to death unless they healed themselves
- Player Healing provided by the Medic unit.
- Inactive Players - switched to spectator
- Being shot in the arm caused you to drop your weapon.
- Spawn Protection
- Artillery fire could be directed only by the Admiral after a given number of minutes. Admiral had to stay alive to call in artillery.

Other features included:

- Anti-Bunny-Hopping (weapon disabled while jumping)
- Only Rifles Option
- Third Person Spectate View
- Artillery Flare Option (on/off)
- Maprotation after x minutes empty server
- Tournament Support for Team Death Match.
- Tournament Settings "AM_Cup"
- Optional Weapon Sounds (with addon packs)
- A limit on the number of grenades you can pick up

It enjoyed brief success, but it did not get mainstream play. Many felt the changes it brought to the gameplay were so great that it was not recognizable as CoD2 any longer and became a niche mod.


I was hooked on the FKR mod nearly the first time i played it, the action was and is fast and furious yet requires skill and intelligence. Much of the information on the FK mod comes from {FKR}Disco Stu who brilliantly filled me in on its early development.

The FK mod is a weapons mod and it dates back to the Medal of Honor days. It was and is the brainchild of FKR's own scripting legend, FK. He was the scripter that created the smoke grenade for Medal of Honor and he tweaked the weapons on that game as well. As CoD, UO, and CoD2 arrived, FK continued to work hard to ensure the mods for those games were also available.

FK tries to tailor the mod to what players want. It has changed many, many times as players have come up with ideas to make the mod better. Be it custom sounds or damage/accuracy settings for the weapons, the mod attempts to suit player's needs and tastes.

FK and the mod have been a part of several clans/groups through the years. In June of 2004, a formal "home" was created for the mod and community with the birth of It started with one dedicated server and a handful of members and has grown to 4 dedicated servers in the U.S. and the U.K.. Their membership has also grown many times over. A players group, the {FKR}, is made up of dedicated members that donate their money and time to see that the servers continue to prosper.

The mod has always been "a player's mod" and has been popular on many other servers throughout its existance. The mod was created for the entire gaming community and the FKR guys have helped many others with configuring it to suit their individual playing styles. Today, it can be found on servers running vCoD, UO, and CoD2.

The primary aspect of the mod that separates it from the stock version is the feel and balance of the weapons. It makes aiming down the sights a must as opposed to shooting from the hip. In Disco Stu's opinion, this creates a more even playing field, decreasing the chances of a random, lucky shot. This has brought FKR alot of players who are looking for a more skillful approach to the game.

The mod has also strived to create a balance in the weapon choices for each team. The Semiautomatic machine guns and fully automatic machine guns and rifles are very similar and this creates an opportunity for players to choose their favorite weapon and not be outmatched by a similar class weapon from the other team. The mod has attempted to focus on playability rather than realism. While, in FKR Disco Stu's opinion, the other mods have primarily focused on the atmosphere in which the game is played. FKR had just about all the other mods on their servers at one time or another, but the majority of their players always gravitated back to the "weapons" mod.

Currently, FKR runs FK's mod for CoD2 in cooperation with settings from AWE to create what FKR believes to be the total package.

Check out all of FKR's servers at . And point your COD2 to the great FK server CTF #4 at IP address: to play Capture the Flag. While not a brilliant technical mod, it provides the most balanced gameplay I have seen - and should have become the start of a competitive CoD2 mod, but did not.

As a personal note, FKR is one of my most favorite places to hang out and play CoD2.

IV) eXtreme+ MOD

Possibly the creme de la creme of CoD2 mods, eXtreme+ began as the mod known as Additional War Effects or AWE for Call of Duty United Offensive.

A player/programmer by the name of wizzard220 (now known as Wizz) took AWE a step further and began to create Extreme, again for Call of Duty United Offensive or COD UO.

In October of 2005, CoD UO communication software became bottlenecked. The gamestate limit of 32k was reached with the eXtreme mod.

For those of you who don't have a degree in electronics engineering, I will try to explain the concept of gamestate:

When a player or client first connects to a server or a new level loads on your computer while connected to a multiplayer server, the server sends the client a huge message that contains all the values of all the game variables for that level. This data is only sent once. Basically the problem is that at somepoint you can exceed a given allowable file size level for this data dump. 32K was the level on COD UO and if you exceeded this level the server would crash.

During the course of this gamestate debacle, Wizzard220 felt abandoned by the developers of UO because they didn't upgrade the gamestate software....and in frustration, he handed over the mod to another modder, Astoroth.

Astoroth continued eXtreme for CoD UO until the final release and then switched over to CoD2, porting over work from the eXtreme UO mod to the eXtreme+ mod, which is what the eXtreme mod became known as. Wizard220 helped extensively in this port, as witnessed by the fact that his name lives on to this day in some of the mod's files.

Additional contributions over the past few years have also come from other player/programmers like Matthius of the Admiral Mod and of course Bell who led the AWE development.

Marc, a bright and level headed modder from Holland, became involved in eXtreme+ in 2006 and was testing the mod on Linux servers. Between the release of CoD2 and the 1.2 patch he became an eXtreme+ Support Crew Member.

Astroroth's stewardship of the mod became one of early promise, but was soon followed by disappointment and confusion due to his virtual disappearance from the scene due to personal issues. The spring of 2006 marked Astroroth's last full-time involvement with eXtreme+ (about the time the 1.2 patch came out for CoD2).

Marc took the reins at eXtreme+ after Astoroth's absence.

Tally, from the U.K., a well-known modder in CoD, came aboard the eXtreme+ ship. {PST}*Joker, a Californian, also boarded and eventually took on greater and greater responsibility.

The modifications brought about by eXtreme+ made the gameplay very customizable. eXtreme+ servers featured panzerschreks, tunable weapons (that is the recoil, sound and damage that can be modified), artillery and air strike bombing runs, cooked 'nades (grenades have set time delays before they detonate) and trip wires.

There are many who think this a superior modification to all others; however, it was been plagued by the fact that Astoroth ducked out of the CoD2 scene for months on end during 2006 causing some server owners to switch to other modifications due to lack of support.

Nevertheless, this modification was embraced by many server operators due to its incredible flexibility.

Astoroth finally re-appeared very briefly in late 2006 (and the gaming community breathed a sigh of relief that he had not been kidnapped by aliens as had been widely believed). He appointed some of the more knowledgeable devotees of his mod as his support team. This "support team" did a great job of issuing great follow-up revisions to the mod.

Those features included:

*Users can call for mortar and air strikes.
*Users can set tripwires
*There are two new game types, hold the flag and last team standing
*You can now choose an additional weapon, and you can have a pistol too! You can even choose to allow enemy weapons as secondary choices for weapons.
* Heads and helmets can come off - helmets can come off even from friendly fire.
* You can get custom obituaries and you get killing spree announcements every time you kill a multiple of 5 players.
* Statistics boards pop up at the end of a game (Kill ratio is one of the statistics).
* Flag capping and kills can be set to different point values.
* The server manager can override weapon selection.
* Weapon damage modifiers are supplied so that you can set any weapon to a %age of their original damage.
* A Laser dot aiming HUD display is available.
* An anti-Camper system, marks campers on the compass.
* A Spawn Protection system is available.
* The number of live allies and axis units in the game is displayed.
* Sprinting is allowed!
* gravity and game speed can be varied.
* Ranking system, with an icon over the players head showing their rank.

and various miscellaneous changes like:

* A Message of the day system accessible at any time from the in game menus
* Clan voting management system (vote on maps, replays, kicking players).
* Welcome message system, incorporating general greeting, call vote status and custom welcome messages
* Spectator & Death music
* Custom announcements, good luck message on spawn, first blood announcement on team based game types and a time announcer.
* Team Kill system (SINBIN), can monitor team based games for team killers, you set the limits and the mod will randomly either freeze them to the spot without a weapon or lift them in to the sky and drop them like a stone
* Grenade indicators, death icons, hit blip and objective indicators can be enabled or disabled

In my opinion, eXtreme+ was the number one CoD2 mod. It reached this exalted position in my gaming pantheon due to the atmosphere it was able to create for the player. In eXtreme+ the ambiance is somewhere between AWE and the Admiral Mod. That is, there is enough going on to make your pulse race but it's not overboard so that it looks like an arcade game. When the weapons are tweaked by an Admin, it can duplicate the balance of the FKR mod.

The eXtreme+ experience was amazing. There was nothing like seeing an enemy building explode due to an artillery strike or listening to the angry epithets coming from your opponents after you had dropped napalm on their whole team.

As I have said, eXtreme+ was and is very flexible. The fragger or run'n'gun servers typically tune eXtreme+ so that their players can blast their way through maps at very high speeds - or at least higher than the stock version of CoD2. Many thoughtful players like this style of play as you must think very quickly to avoid your opponent and score.

In retrospect, eXtreme+ plays and feels like CoD4. In fact, you would have thought the CoD4 programmers stole Modern Warfare from eXtreme+.

Sniper servers could also run eXtreme+, tuning it to suit their own particular tastes.

eXtreme+ certainly tended to stress ambiance a bit more than the other mods, with the possible exception of the Admiral Mod - which probably took it too far.



Just after version 1.5 of the eXtreme+ mod was released, approximately in January of 2007, Marc left the eXtreme+ crew. Apparently he arrived at that decision due to a post from the perennially absent Astoroth, which he did not take to be believable:

"A big reason for me to leave Astoroth's site is because he posted recently in the closed moderators forum that he will be back AT SOME POINT.
- Marc"

With him went a lot of scripting talent and his departure ushered in the CoD2 modding Dark Ages.

Soon afterwards, he began to push out a new mod, WW2X, on his own. The WW2X mod came too late, and was too similar to eXtreme+ to make any impact in the modding scene. But, the mod was yet another example of the fragmentation of the community.

With the departure of Marc at eXtreme+, {PST}*Joker took the reigns and added some old fashioned American common-sense to the CoD4 mod scene. He also brought with him a all-for-one, one-for all attitude.

Stressing the "team" aspect and working 'round the clock, he stabilized eXtreme+ and turned it into a juggernaut. He kept pumping out revision after revision in an attempt to outdistance the competition. Remarkably, even with the departure of Marc (who had been the scripting soul of the mod), Joker was able to push out a major revision of the mod, version 2.0, in August of 2007.

When Marc joined up with eXtreme+ arch-nemeses "The Raiders" at, the game was afoot. 

The two camps, who up until then had tolerated each other, broke into open-forum warfare. They broke down as follows. One one side we had:

TEAM eXtreme+: {PST}*Joker and perennial lightning-rod, and accused IW-fanboy, Tally

and in the blue corner...

The RAIDERS: IW critic, Mike_Nomad, CoD2-abstainee British-Bulldog1, eXtreme-creator Wizard220 (now known as the Wizz) and new boy Marc. Marc joined the Raiders and brought with him the WW2X mod. Note: The "Raiders" get their name from their website,

Wizard220, or Wizz, who had departed in disgust after the IW CoD UO mess in 2005 made a strong reappearance in 2007. Due to various personal disagreements with Tally, Wizz began speaking of "pulling the plug" on the "eXtreme" name and the "eXtreme+" mod. Wizz had "given" the mod to Astoroth. With Astoroth's disappearance, Wizz wanted it back.

Questions of who owned intellectual property began to outpace scripting questions on forums. The "war" was documented in this article on the BASHtheBlog site:

The two groups descended into vile accusations and unruly forum-behavior.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed. During an Infinity Ward community-summit in mid-summer of  2007, held to showcase the alpha-release of CoD4, the two warring camps made peace.

That peace was announced as follows:

War is Over!  

The New World Order

The upshot of the new peace saw Tally issue an apology and the submittal of his resignation from eXtreme+ due to a mistake in judgement over a forged forum post.

The , or "Raiders" website continued on with support to WW2X and AWE.

The eXtreme+ site broke it's ties to Astoroth completely in 2007. Much to Astoroth's chagrin and eventually he tried to make a belated, but unsuccessful return (he was making some money with the eXtreme+ website and clearly, did not want to lose it). Under the steady helm of {PST}*Joker, a new site was born and it is now the home of CoD2's eXtreme+ mod:




The Project Ares Mod, or PAM was created by a brilliant scripter, pro-gamer and gaming-broadcaster known as Garetjax.

Garetjax created PAM for CoD-UO and soon found that time constraints would not allow him as much time to modify it. 

In stepped Bullet-worm who took it through to CoD2 (and now into CoD4).

In the big picture, PAM acts as standardizing interface between the competitive player and CoD2.

Features included, a "ready-up" mode which would keep players from scrimming until all were ready and a "strat-time" mid-game intermission allowed players to modify their strategy.  

It became the defacto standard mod for competition play. Its genius was to allow different tournaments to drop in their own "rule-sets". Gone was a one-size fits all set of rules. PAM is undoubtedly the most successful of all CoD2 mods.


II) The CAMPAIGN tournaments

With brilliant insight and vision, Stuart (a.k.a DJ) over in the U.K. brought out the BFE Battle For Tournament mod and the concept of campaign-style tournaments was born.

BFE was an attempt to apply a sweeping campaign overlay onto CoD2. While not strictly a game mod (it kept map-modders busier than game-modders), it qualifies as an honorable mention due to its novelty of integrating the CoD2 gameplay with a much higher goal. 

Nowadays, the mod is in a state of near-permanent stasis, the "original" CoD2 Campaign-style tournament has been replaced by a CoD4 tournament and BFE has been bought out by MyInternetServices Inc.

The Breaking Point Tournament (BP), a North American project, developed by former BFE members Andy Jensen and his college-friend Wally tried to replicate BFE's successes on this side of the Atlantic with a moderate amount of success.

Disputes between BFE and PB made the rift in the rest of the modding community seem like a love spat. Major issues existed between the two tournaments. On one side, BFE considered BP thieves for stealing all their ideas. BP accused BFE of being out-of-date, rigid and dictatorial. Accounts of dirty-tricks and dirty tactics were soon announced on both sides. An attempt was made late in 2007 to bring peace to all the New York families (sorry...wrong movie). But alas and alack, a late BP peace-offering was considered by the BFE crew as condescending - and the twain shall never meet.

Both tournaments are now looking for players in the small pool of people that makes up CoD4.

The CoD community just never learns. 



Concept mods were ubiquitous in CoD2. Amongst them, the following were the major project undertakings:

1) Rise of the Resistance (RoTR)

An ill-fated attempt, headed by modder Tally, to create an SP and MP CoD2 Expansion pack. RoTR centered around the Resistance movements of late WWII and was supposed to provide the CoD2 community with a whole new story line. We covered this mod in BASH 25: Rallying the Resistance. Supposedly shipping (yes, shipping!) to selected store-shelves in late 2007, a lack of project-planning,  vision and stewardship in combination with low energy from its participants, and the coup-de-gras, the release of CoD4 led to its demise in late 2007.

Its death was spoken of in this episode of BASH 41: Resistance is Crushed

2) Unbound Forces

Led by Josh from, UF is an attempt to take CoD2 into a fictional future. It qualifies as a total-conversion mod.

No dates for release have ever been confirmed. This, inspite of the fact that UF was given view-model rigs for the design of new weapons by IW back in 2007.

The website, has not been updated since October 2007. 

3) Remember September (RS)

Of all the concept mods, this is the only one that seems to have a chance at success. Indeed, a Christmas 2007 post on their website, from Major Pain, the project manager for the project states this:

While it should be the time of relaxing, we have been pumping out stuff in order to make it up for the fact that we weren't able to release on Christmas. We all wanted to, the current build wouldn't let us. So to make up with you guys we will not release a demo (which you may have expected by now), but seven screenshots of our newest and finest models like the M1 Carbine (Airborne), Gammon Bomb, British Helmet, M1918 Knife and a movable Flak 36 canon, and five new ingame screenshots from Grave and Son & Breugel. Visit our Postoffice to view the enlarged screenshots.

- Major Pain 

Remember September is based on Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands and Belgium in September 1944. The operation was planned by the Allied forces to secure their way into Germany, to end the World War rapidly. But the operation didn't go as they had planned. The German resistance was underestimated and resulted in thousands of Allied wounded and deaths. Remember September symbolizes this battle, supported by in-depth study of the environment, army compositions, traditions and historical facts.

The major mod participants are:

Major Pain - Project Leader
Ferry - Lead Concept Art
P.o.W. - Co-Project Leader
Fullmetal - PR & Administration  

If they do fix their demo-issues, it will be the first major concept mod to have come from the CoD2 era. If it does not come out - the futility of the concept-modders will stand as a metaphor for the CoD2 modding community.



In contrast, while CoD2 still has an active eXtreme+ gaming scene, the FKR mod is localized to one or two servers. WW2X has a handful of devotees in Europe and some in North America and AWE is kept on life support at raidersmerciless. The Admiral mod has been demoted to "swabbo".

RS may be the only concept mod to ever be released in CoD2.

And while PAM is still *the* competitive mod, there aren't many serious-competitions taking place. One attempt to revive competitiveness, the eXtreme League at has not exactly rocketed off the launch pad. The folks behind the league (an attempt to arrange scrims between players playing on the eXtreme+ platform) admit that they came up with that idea a little bit too late and the CoD4 tide has swamped their boats. 

Clearly, CoD2 modding (and CoD2 mod playing) has seen its halcyon days.

The future is CoD4. 



CoD2: Weapon Comparison
Written by jockyitch   
Sunday, 23 December 2007

If you have ever wondered what Call of Duty 2 weapon to use in which situation, then this spreadsheet - originally compiled by hyp.jayb and slightly tweaked by yours truly, might be the answer for you.

Take a good look and you will see why the Kar98 and the M1 Garand were by far the most popular weapons by the CoD2 cognoscenti (those in the know).

Maybe this comes a big too late for your CoD2 gaming...but better late than never I say:


CoD2 Weapon Damage.pdf  



CoD2: Pro Config Database
Written by Jock   
Thursday, 20 December 2007

Although CoD4 is the hot ticket nowadays, we have not forgotten about CoD2.

Here is a database of multiplayer configuration files for all the major CoD2 teams around the world that played competitively this past year.

The listing was inspired by Danzig, (Xfire tag: inkkk), who posted a similar list recently on

All the top CoD2 teams are represented. The configurations go back in time, and since players do move around, you will sometimes see multiple entries for certain players (Prank for example appears in Team Pandemic as well as 20id).


CoD2 Pro Team
Member Configs


  Team Pandemic



































































































  Speed Link



















  Serious Gaming










Pandora Configs
 Team Turpo
Team Turpo Configs


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