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brink1.jpg Splashdamage's BRINK released in May of 2011 to less than stellar reviews. Metacritic scores were less than generous to this game, yet there were many online extolling its virtues. 

Why were there so many both panning and lauding it?

One of the reasons for the community's split on BRINK is the fact that it is a throwback to earlier FPS's. Splashdamage seem to have filled a hardcore FPS niche that, up to now, was vacated by the mainstream games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and other AAA titles. Many of the gamers panning BRINK were the same folks who love the way FPS gaming has been going and do not want to see it return to a more skill-based, team-centric, clan and eSport-friendly traditional route.

However, saying that BRINK is traditional does not paint an accurate picture. One can classify it as a hardcore shooter, but that would not be suffice to completely describe this revolutionary game. A better attempt would be to say that it is an objective-oriented, hardcore FPS game within which you can find elements of RTS. BRINK's single player and multiplayer merge together seamlessly. Unless you pay careful attention you may not know that you are actually playing offline against bots. By the way, those bots can also be found online if the server admin chooses to put them there and thus your online experience can still be filled with excitement even though there was only one other oxygen-breather in the server with you.

Whether you like it or not, BRINK will turn you into a team player. Team success is rewarded. If you want to lone wolf the game, you will find yourself at the bottom of the scoreboard -- even if you did frag a truckload of bad guys.

While there is a story of sorts in BRINK...something about Waterworld (sans Kevin Costner) and an ark and two opposing forces fighting over control, the narrative fizzles and cannot be heard over all the shooting. Quite frankly, I have no idea why I am fighting on this ark...and I don't care.

Personally, my four FPS criteria for BRINK shake down as follows:

Smoothness: Framerate is average on a quad/280nVidia set up (~100fps). But the avatars have a herky-jerky movement. More like TF2 or BFBC2 than CoD:BO.  Score: 3.5/5 for Smoothness

Gameplay: Excellent team-based gaming. All four classes can use the same guns and thus you spend most of your energy focused on the objectives. It's all about objectives. Score: 4/5 for Gameplay.

Graphics: Technically, the graphics are nothing to write home about. They are TF2-like cartoonish, but the artwork really is unique and sucks you into this world. Score: 4/5

Relatability: Initially, I thought I would not care too much about the characters or the "fight" in this game. But when you add the team play *do* end up caring. When you play the Medic class you actually feel guilty if you cannot get to a fallen teammate in time before he fades into respawn heaven. You feel elated blowing up that bridge as a Soldier, thus allowing your team to get to the next objective. You share a common sense of purpose in this game and you find that you can relate to it. Score: 4/5's OVERALL SCORE: 15.5/20 = 77.5

Who should buy this game? 

  • Folks who's computer meet these requirements: Brink Requirements
  • We get this question all the time. The last few years has seen a spate of poor games and many are now gun-shy. Here are some reasons why you might be interested in buying this game:
  • The game has a low "spam-to-skill" ratio. You actually have to think in this game. 
  • Teamwork is much more important than individual achievement. This game suits the way the FPS community was organized pre-MW2. This game will make players want to band together, rather than go it alone. The "clan" may make a comeback with BRINK. 
  • It's this emphasis on teamwork that has attracted the eSport community. Competitive players from across the FPS spectrum are flocking to BRINK
  • There is a learning curve. Guns have high recoil and positioning is everything.
  • Those of you who liked Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, competitive RTCW and TF2 will undoubtedly like this game

Who shouldn't get this game?

  • Go-it-alone types.
  • People that turn their brains off at spawn, who simply want a casual shooter.
  • Crouch-tactical/realism shooter fans
  • Most of the folks who came into FPS with MW2 or later, will find this game very different than what they are used to. This is NOT a casual shooter.

BRINK Education Links

You will probably find that you need to do some reading if you want to do well in BRINK. Here are some links to help you.


Great vid introducing you to BRINK (thanks jswizzy):


There are four classes in Brink. Soldier, Engineer, Operative and Medic. The Soldier and Operative is the ying to the Engineer and Soldier's yang - respectively.

Learn the difference between these classes here:

Brink Classes

Weapon ratings

Kirson to the rescue:


BRINK's Challenges are part tutorial, part power-up opportunity. You can do these solo or co-op. Here is an excellent step through of the Challenges:

Brink Challenges a Walkthrough


Learn how to play the game at a high level by watching great teams play. Check out BrinkTV for eSport action:

eSport forums


Official Forum's BRINK forum

BASH Webcast on BRINK: BASH 183


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