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CoD:BO MP event underway - Updated
Written by Jock   
Wednesday, 01 September 2010

The MP reveal is taking its time getting going. Official preambles won't start until 10pm EST.

This is where we are. #codblackops  on TwitpicI was kindly invited to the event, but given that all the gameplay will be on XBox's I am glad I didn't attend...frankly, I don't know which end of a controller is the business side, so I'd end up making a fool of myself.

Why only the XBox platform? Money of course. The XBox has signed exclusive deals with Activision. Making it up to us though, Treyarch will be offering Treyarch PC-platform developer Cesar Stastny (aka pcdev) during the event. PC community maven Josh Peckler, who will be attending, will thus get to get some PC-centric questions off.


If you want to follow some of the folks who are there, here are some links:

One thing I'd like to gripe about right away though is that, here we have a really interesting 21st century event, being covered by what seems like 19th century tech. Anyone even remotely saying they have a live stream of anything going immediately hammered. With millions of dollars available to advertise this game to the millions of eyeballs wanting to catch glimpses of it, you would think that IGN or Spike TV or someone would be televising this. But no.

The community reps getting ready for the #CODBlackOps MP reve... on TwitpicFirst indication that Peckler is at the event: He's in the purple, 2nd from the right, first row. To his right is pcdev.

Josh's brother, Aaron, unfortunately could not make it as he's in Europe at the moment.




An SR-71 graces the entrance of the event as can be seen below from Dan Amrich's (One of Swords) tweet. The event locale was undoubtedly chosen due to the presence of this nearby ground-display. 


The Reveal

As of 10:36pm EST, the reveal so far has not told us anything that had not been "revealed" hours earlier on the net. Link

Tweets from the event are as insightful as: "Man I wish you could see what I'm seeing". Brilliant. That was the four year communications science degree.

Here are more live "insights":


- Napalm and SR71 killstreak rewards
- Care packages are back: Death machine, Grim Reaper (mini-gun and grenade launcher), Napalm Strike, Gunship, Mortar Team, RC-XD (RC car), Surface to Air Missile.
- Level unlocks can now be paid for with CoD Points.


1st perk:

 Ghost (~Cold-Blooded)
 FlakJacket (as found in CoD:WW...lowers explosive damage)

2nd perk:

 Steady Aim
 Sleight of Hand

3rd perk:

 Second Chance
 Tactical Mask

Offline training aids

- The bots are coming: Get combat training offline with a multiplayer training map replete with bots (AI players).


- Emblem Editor lets you customize your weapon.
- Reticles that come with :) faces etched names and ... wait for it, a flame thrower attachment.
- Multiple zoom lengths for snipers. Many CoD4 mods had this one.
- Your character gets a personalized motion sensor and a signal Jammer.

Bells and Whistles

- Game recorder: Theater Mode allows you to switch the player between any players perspective -- first or third person -- or free cam to move within a 3D space.

In game wagering

Four new game modes in "Wager matches": One in the Chamber, Gun Game, Sharpshooter and finally Sticks & Stones.

We discussed some of these modes in an earlier post and it is discussed in the YouTube vid above. Thanks to Beaknuke who pointed out the info in small print at the end: "The wager game mode depicted and discussed in this video is for entertainment purposes only.  COD Points have no monetary value and may be used for in-game purposes only." at the end of the video!

They should have added that "All violence is virtual. No avatars were hurt in the making of this motion picture".


- M14, AK47u, MP5K, Enfields and the Uzi can be seen in the MP.


- Josh Peckler has tweeted that dedicated servers will be rented from GameServers only. Unranked (Fully customisable) and ranked.  There are no public server files.

- Bad news? CoD:Black Ops will be a Steam exclusive game using VAC. No PB, sadly. I like Steam. I hate VAC. I'm conflicted.

- Good news. /record will be in the PC SKU. PC will also have Theatre mode.

- We will have a Spectator mode.





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