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PC game tech linked to Console
Written by Jock   
Monday, 20 September 2010

If Call of Duty is any indication, video game technology will be paced by advances in consoles not by leaps in PC technology. Though we are still blessed with better than console performance, it is increasingly clear that for the "block buster games", big jumps in graphics or performance will only be possible when hardware improves on the console platform.

This is more or less the premise behind reader Chris E.'s email to me today:

Given the state of the economy, and lack of funds in Microsoft and Sony R&D to develop consoles, how long does the team think the Xbox360 and PS3 will last before they become obsolete and start to affect the game devs ability to develop games?
The Xbox360 is 5 years old, and has ex-PC components, it also still uses DX9.  The PS3 is much more advanced then the Xbox360, but is still 4 years old.
The PS3 has come out as the PS3 slim and the Xbox360 has a new designed case, but both have internal components now half a decade old.
The PC being an open system is now able to use DX11, and soon 3D.
I had been wondering the same, though I am glad that gaming tech hasn't pushed my hardware to the limits these last few years. As Chris says, the economy sucks and I really don't want to go and spend even more money to upgrade my rig. 
So it was with great interest I read two recent articles discussing the possibility of new hardware for the PS3. The first deals with Future platform development and how Sony is integrating the hardware with software developer needs. The PS3 was quite difficult to develop for and head-office is hopeful that this time around...things will be somewhat easier for coders:
The article indicates that game devs will be able to get more info and input on tools and the OS for the next PS console.

In addition to this article, there is a nice interview with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, where they talk hardware and the upcoming PlayStation Move and 3DTV support.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

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