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Leaning towards CoD4 Strategy
Written by jockyitch   
Saturday, 22 September 2007

We have been following Joe "Nabore" Amorosa for a while here on He is the main strat caller for Team Pandemic, the most successful CoD2 team on the North American continent.

He has been playing with CoD4 on the Xbox and he has written an article on gameriot based on his experiences. With his keen tactical eye, he's already sized up CoD4 and had these interesting observations:

1. Nabore believes there is no longer a need for leaning in CoD4. The reason being that there have been significant changes to player movement algorithms which in his mind makes leaning redundant, a fact which would also remove the possibility of players becoming invulnerable when leaning around corners - a phenomenon that leaning introduced.

...the iron sighting system has been reworked significantly. Two things changed, one being the speed in which you move while iron sighting (depending on the type of gun you select i.e. assault rifle or sub-machine gun). The only comparison I can make in this regard is the reload glitch in CoD1, where if someone does the glitch right, they can move at full-running speed while iron sighted. The full speed applies to the pistol; something which I feel is really cool. As you go down the list to sub-machine guns, you move faster than the assaults, but slower than the pistol, and so forth. The second thing that changes was the way the models move. The models have been redefined and their movements are now extremely consistent in regards to iron sight peeking, crouching, and sprinting. The conclusion I make from this brings me back to what plagued CoD2, and that is the way people misused leaning and model movement as a way to spot players safely. What am I suggesting? This may sound radical, but with all the right systems in place, I think it may be best for competition to keep leaning out.

2.Additionally, Nabore wants "frogging" (jumping while ironsighted), out of CoD4.

People may think this is a difficult thing to do, however at the higher levels of competition, it is done so frequently because of its efficiency and is probably the reason for 1/3 the frags on the scoreboard.

Add yet another line item on all the modder's thing-to-do list.

3. He would like to alter the regeneration system in CoD4. Note that, on the XBox at least, the regeneration system is nearly identical to that of CoD2 (same timing to get back to full health, given a set amount of damage).

Nabore suggests to give people more armor (that is, more initial health) and no regen.


a) Grenades are less effective in CoD4 due to the fact that you cannot throw them as far.

b) It is too easy to kill with the powerful weapons IW has given you.


Nabore suggests the following:

Create a system where people are given more health (people have armor in modern combat) and take out regen so that the gun damage is offset by this health change. Grenades can still maintain their current damage because they are less effective. We can still scale headshots in terms of 1 hit kills from the gun types, for example only allowing 1 hit headshots to come from assault rifles, but chest/leg/arm shots modified to fit the new health system.

You will all recally that regeneration was probably one of the more contentious issues in CoD2. We all have our own opinions of course. Usually, your first impressions are the best and mine were not favorable to CoD2's health system. It never seemed right to me (admittedly I love realism), that you could miraculously get your health back seconds after being shot up. Yes, I know it is a game - it just did not seem right. The mistakes you made during your spawn should not be wiped out after ten seconds of regeneration - they should be cumulative, as they would be in a realistic battle environment. 

So, here I am again agreeing with Team Pandemic's leader. He is not strat caller "extraordinaire" for nothing.

Read the rest of this excellent article: Nabore's Letters from the Front

Or come to the BS Boards and discuss .

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