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Assange a hacker?
Written by Anthony Scungile   
Thursday, 02 December 2010
igots2lk1.jpgWikiLeaks boss and head leaker, Julian Assange (pronounced with a French accent and slight sneer) will apparently be VAC-banned today according to top Steam sources.

Those sources tell that Steam cyber-sleuths were pouring over claims filed by American gamers that the 39-year old had been using a wall-hack, chams and an aim-bot in an online session of Call of Duty Black Ops.

His GUID is expected to be banned either today or early next week.

Though Australian-born Assange has been hiding in south-east England for the past few months, Steam servers have allegedly recorded his GUID fingerprint logging in to enjoy some online fragging on Treyarch's newest Call of Duty game.

CoD gamer [CIA]Spook71 from Langley VA, contacted this website to say that he has had several run-ins with Assange in-game:
[CIA]Spook71: Ya, he's really dodgy. I'm in a Hardcore TDM server the other day and this dude comes on with a noob-tube and the tags "Igots2Leak" and starts aceing our whole ******* team. At first I said "woe", this freak is pretty good, but he was getting too many headshots. In no time he becomes top fragger on the server. Dude hadn't even prestiged...and you know, I never saw his back the whole time. Blatant."
Interestingly, a search of Treyarch Black Ops leader boards reveals that an "Igots2Leak" somehow managed to earn over ¢1,300,000 in CoD currency just days after Assange's whistleblower site coincidentally released over 250,000 classified U.S. diplomatic communiques.

Black Ops spokesman JD_2020 recently was quoted as saying that the game's developer, Treyarch had “...the necessary tools to moderate the Leaderboards”. It is expected that those tools will be applied to now fugitive-from-justice Assange in short order.

Facing loss of his Steam account and life-time game catalog must certainly be weighing heavily on Assange, whose latest, non-trumped-up run-ins with the law and threatened assassination attempts now pale by comparison.

Repeated attempts by this website to contact this internet-whistleblower, alleged FPS-cheat and the subject of a international manhunt as a result of non-fabricated claims of sexual misconduct, were unsuccessful. Assange's Skype account status is currently set to "Do not disturb".

This news comes on the heels of reports from PBBans that an "Igots2Leak" had been seen hacking Medal of Honor last month. Details could not be confirmed given that PBBans staff were too busy suspending support for the game.
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