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Forget the PC? Not if you have Amnesia.
Written by jockyitch   
Monday, 10 January 2011

"The sales that we have had (and are having) are more than enough to motivate developing a game with the PC as the main (and even only) platform."

Frictional Games co-founder Thomas Grip: source  

Ok. Wait that must be a typo. Let me read that again.  No, I read it right, no definitely says "PC".

Frictional Games, the Indie developer that made the first person PC-exclusive horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent apparently recorded over 200,000 in sales.  Seeing an immediate post-release buying spree of 40,000 units, it was the online Steam store that kept the pump primed during the holidays.

Grip, a Swede (the only grip from Sweden I know was how Bjorn Borg held his tennis racquet) admitted that Steam sales were heavily discounted (roughly 75%); nevertheless, the cash flow it has brought in has made it possible for Frictional Games to resist the temptation to go to a publisher.

By not selling out to a publisher, there is a greater chance that Frictional Games will stay true to its original vision and continue to make radical games like Amnesia.

The article is very optimistic and I thought that, even though Amnesia is not an FPS-shooter, PC FPS gamers out there might get a kick out of reading it. Frictional Games might be the blue-print for other Indie upstarts in our own community. Hopefully, this will again lead to games that are built completely around the PC platform.

"With these figures at hand, we must confess that it gives us new confidence for the PC. The sales that we have had (and are having) are more than enough to motivate developing a game with the PC as the main (and even only) platform. Based on what we have seen, the online PC market is just getting bigger and bigger, and we are convinced we are far from the end of this growth. We think that other developers that consider making their game exclusive to a console might want to think again. "

Frictional made their sales with very little paid publicity. Much of the buzz around the game came from viral vids like this one on YouTube. Again, what this shows is that great ideas will win out at the end of the day.

Clearly, the lack of Hollywood actors, fancy DX11 graphics or Eminem concerts did not hurt Amnesia's playability.


Thanks João for starting a thread on this in the Boards

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