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Battlefield 3 FAQ
Written by jockyitch   
Saturday, 26 February 2011
Battlefield 3

General Comments:

  • Patrick Bach: The Bad Company series has had little influence on BF3. BF3 will be a direct sequel to BF2
  • The BF3 team encompasses about 240 people, or three-to-four times more people that the BF2 team.
  • Impressive lighting effects. Lighting technology uses "Light probes" on the map. One probe has more light information than one complete map in BC2. It also works with dynamically changing terrain.
  • Gamestar witnessed a presentation that ran on a quad core cpu with a Radeon 5800
  • Destructability was apparently impressive.
  • Character animations: A combination of ragdoll and scripted death animations, which Gamestar found to be pretty realistic.
  • ANT and motion capturing technology from EA is being used which is being used on Sports games like Madden NFL.
  • Unbelievable sound: Sound will be better than in BC2. One can easily locate shooters. Most realistic combat sound so far.

The following smuggled footage came from GDC 2011. It gives us a taste of what is to come:

Frostbite engine:
  • Physics, Destruction
  • Can display a huge number of dynamic lights
  • DICE: Engine too complex for hobby modders. No mod tools at first, not sure whether there will ever be.
  • One object can have up to 83 audio channels

Single Player:

  • BC-2-style wise-cracking humor, will be not be used.
  • Spoiler: SP is set in a North American forested mountain terrain. There will be a European city setting and Iraq 2014 with 1st Recon Marines. At least one solo mission as jet pilot.
  • Enemies: Iraqi resistance army PLR
  • Some soldiers faces belong to DICE developers
  • Several slow motion moments inSP
  • At least one fight scene where the player has to click the right or left mouse button quick enough to win.
  • Earthquakes in SP cause a Humvee to disappear into a huge crack, a high building collapses and hits a black hawk helicopter, falling pieces of buildings can hurt characters in sp and mp
  • DICE didn't say whether it will be possible to give commands to comrades


  • Lars Gustavsson: MP designer is part of DICE since 2000
  • Max players pc: 64 Consoles: 32
  • MP info:
  • F-16 and Su-27 spotted, modern helicopters, tanks
  • 4 soldier classes, 5 accessories kits
  • Maps will be as big as in BF2
  • Dice promises more unlock-able weapons and tools, the look can be changed, better balanced ranking system
  • Hardcore mode: likely as it is popular
  • Commander mode: Very unlikely
  • Replay function: (aka Battlerecorder) Dice is testing it
  • Coop mode: Has been announced, but Dice also called normal matches vs bots coop mode too
  • Dedicated servers: Definitely
  • Prone: Yes. Dice wants to avoid dolphin diving

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