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CoD4 eSports news
Written by jockyitch   
Sunday, 03 July 2011

With FPS eSports in dire straights lately, many are heading back to tried and true territory. For most that territory is CoD4.

CEVO goes to Europe

I just spoke to Ian Tannehill, head of CoD4 for one of North America's premier eSports leagues and he had an interesting announcement to make.

CEVO is announcing that signups for an online European event, the CEVO CoD4 European Showdown Tourney have started.

It is a free tournament, currently restricted to 128 teams; however, that number could be increased if there are enough teams registering.  The event is scheduled to start Sunday, July 17th.

Clearly, CEVO sees growth possibilities in Europe. The corollary to that argument is that they might be seeing a lack of growth in North America. As I mentioned, CEVO is the gold-plate standard for eSports in North America. They have been supporting the CoD series since CoD:UO.  Ian himself has been running tourneys for CEVO since 2006.

The tournament format is as follows:

    Single elimination with 4 brackets of 16 teams
    A "Group stage" matches will start at 8 pm CEST
    The "Group stage" maps will be:

Round 1 - mp_crossfire
Round 2 - mp_citystreets
Round 3 - mp_backlot

    The top two teams from each bracket advance to the finals bracket.
    Finals bracket matches will be best of three, with map choices as follows:

Crossfire, Citystreets, Backlot, Crash, and Strike

    Knife round for sides, standard MR_12 match settings (promod_mode match_knife_mr12) apply
    Promod version used will be Promod Live v2.11 EU

    CMN3 anti-cheat will be mandatory, teams not running it will forfeit.

Get more information here.

National ESL CoD4 Season 1

National ESL here in NA is finalizing plans for Season 1. There are 30 teams signed up and the season should start July the 11th.

Get all the info you need for NESL right here.


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