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Getting Real with RO2
Written by jockyitch   
Monday, 04 July 2011

When it comes to stirring up emotion, there's nothing like having a Run'n'gun (RnG) vs. Tactical Realism (TR) debate.

Without painting too broad-a-brush, I've known quite a few Tactical Realism (TR) gamers who view Run'n'gunners as a set of folks only one notch above noob. How can any sane adult want to play FPS games with all that jibing and juking going on? Undisciplined fire. Undisciplined tactics. RnG's must infuriate TR fans...why can't they see that the RnG play-style as unrealistic fantasy. Arcade fluff, that's what Run'n'gun gaming is all about.

To many Run'n'gunners, TR practitioners are a misguided lot whose insistence on fitting their square-TR-peg into a round FPS gaming hole is bound to simply create perpetual irritation. TR gamers insist on taking perfectly good Run'n'gun-style games and ruining them by overlaying rule after restrictive rule on players. No running, no excessive gunning, certainly no jumping and god forbid no hopping. Run'n'gunners see TR gamers as moribund, camping geriatrics with slow reflexes and cataracts. Certainly that must be the case? Why else would they prevent anyone from running and hopping around?

My own view on the matter is that FPS gaming is a very big world and all manner of personal taste can fit quite nicely within it. There's plenty of room for both RnG and TR gamers...only, not on the same server.

The real problem, up to now, has been that there really hasn't been a good TR game worth keeping everyone's attention. reader Sgt. Carter [17th AB] would like to suggest that we are but mere months away from the answer to all TR fan dreams...dreams that might also appeal to some of us (like myself) who consider RnG to be the superior game style.

First, Sgt. Carter poses the following riddle:

"What's still 2 months away, several years in the making, created by former modders, a PC exclusive, AND will support mods?"

Why, Red Orchestra 2 of course.

Let's turn it over to Sgt. Carter and get him to sell you on RO2 and TR.

Tactical Realism and Red Orchestra  - an article by Sgt. Carter [17th AB]

rohos.jpgRO2 has in fact been supporting modders for months now, allowing them access to the game so they can have mods ready by the game's release date.

BF3 isn't PC exclusive, it won't support mods out of the box, and it will cost twenty dollars more. So I've been wondering why PC gamers are not as excited about this game as I am.

RO1 was a very niche game as it forced tactical game play upon it's players. I only picked it up last summer when it was on sale. It has a number of problems, such as player control and a lack of teamwork features (like BF's squad system). Those issues will obviously be addressed in the new game as they are moving to a slicker engine (Unreal 3) and will have much more experience this time around. So, I'm still at a loss of why people are not looking forward to this game. I think it may be because of a lack of understanding of the tactical community.

There are TR communities that span several games, and there is some overlap, but my community is definitely rooted in Call of Duty even though we play many games.

CoDTR began back in vCoD, became really popular in CoDUO, and peaked in CoD2. With the release of CoD4, the CoDTR community was fractured. Many loved the game, but a lot of people did not like the new rank up system, the modern time period, and the perks. The rank up system provided challenges to TR servers that wanted to limit the weapons and perks people could use, as these mods made the servers unranked. Players chose to play on ranked servers instead, so they could get their unlocks and rank up. So some "units" (the TR equivalent of a clan) chose to stay behind in Call of Duty 2. With the releases of World at War, Bad Company 2, and Black Ops, the community was further fragmented. In CoD2, we had many active units and regular competitive ladders and leagues. Now, since we are spread across many games and each unit has their favorite, it is difficult to set up a simple scrim. Red Orchestra 2 symbolizes a tremendous opportunity for CoDTR (and the other TR communities from RO1 and Day of Defeat) to come back together.

Tactical Realism is often misunderstood. This stems from the two flavors of tactical realism that exist and the many implementations and interpretations of tactical realism rules.

When people hear "Tactical Realism" they might think of crouch only servers.

This is NOT Tactical Realism!

Any legitimate CoDTR player will tell you about the frustration that these crouch only servers bring to our community. These servers often have the word "Tactical" or "Realism" in their name and it confuses the average player. When the player joins and realizes they have to crouch at all times, they may decide to stay away from all Tactical Realism servers. This is truly unfortunate. TR can be extremely fun, and the real rules are not near as restrictive as crouch-only.

The Rules of CoDTR:

As mentioned above, there are many different interpretations and implementations of rules in CoDTR. However, there are a few we all agree upon:

  • No run-and-gunning: If the player is shooting, they should be aiming with their sights. There are exceptions for close-quarters combats and situations in which the shooter was "spooked."
  • No bunny hopping: No hopping to avoid fire or to get a shot. This rule is moot when the player is traversing obstacles.
  • No nade spamming: The player must see or hear an enemy (with their own eyes or ears) before they can through a grenade at the enemy's location.
  • No Ledging: Players cannot stand, crouch, or go prone on surfaces that create the illusion of floating body parts.

Another popular rule is "No bad jumping." With this rule, players cannot jump/fall from unrealistic heights.

The Mods/Configuration:

  • There are many nuances to TR mods, but these are the most common traits that distinguish TR mods from stock call of duty game play.
  • Less health & no regeneration
  • Bleeding & bandaging: When a player is wounded, they will bleed for a certain amount of time unless they bandage themselves.
  • Weapon jams: there is a small chance that a player's weapon will jam when firing. When this happens, the player needs to unjam the weapon before firing it again
  • Slower movement speed
  • More fall damage
  • Lower jump height
  • No location indicators (red dots) on compass
  • Weapon limits (1 scope, a few MGs, a few semi autos, and everyone else has to take a bolt...betties/claymores and nade launchers are limited)
  • Perks removed/limited (all of the annoying/unrealistic ones are removed)
  • Longer round durations
  • One bomb
  • Lots and lots of custom maps

You can get a good taste of TR on 82nd AB's servers: (Call of Duty WaW) (Call of Duty 4)
Just a word of can get unbearably boring on these servers when there are 35+ players. Since it's a mostly SD rotation, it can get pretty boring when you die early (bring a crossword puzzle :D)

I feel if you (and your readers) gave TR a(nother?) chance, you would find it enjoyable. If people like TR, they will definitely enjoy RO2, which will be more player friendly and team oriented than the first.

Sgt. Carter [17th AB]
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