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CoD4: MP Create a Class
Written by jockyitch   
Friday, 09 November 2007

One of the great new innovations in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, is the "Create a Class" option in Multiplayer.

The term "class" in MP suggests a more mission-oriented approach to all of CoD4. While Modern Warfare is definitely the descendant of CoD's 1 and 2 - it also has a smattering of CounterStrike and Rainbow 6 in its genes.

In CoD4 you can tailor your weapons load out to suit:

  • your style of play
  • the map
  • your opponent's tendencies

In essence...any number of tactical necessities. In Call of Duty 4, your weapons "load out" can be modified prior to entering any MP combat. That load out also consists of a few twists, such as the new "Perk" system, which is a wonderful addition to the CoD franchise - and frankly smacks a little of World of Warcraft.

Here is the load out broken down:


Including the various "attachments" that come with the weapon and of course the cammo coloring that it can be disguised with.

  • PERK 1
  • PERK 2
  • PERK 3

Note that, until you have unlocked your perks, you may not be able to use them. 

If you already have started play in CoD4, you will notice that the game comes loaded with pre-fabricated MP classes:


However, as you continue to fight and gain experience points (XP) you will also gain access to the Perks and you will unlock the ability to create your own "custom" five classes, each with their own special abilities. 



Each player has three Perks to choose from:


Bomb Squad - Locate planted C4


You won't get your butt blowed up any more;  however, there's just not that much C4 lying around in CoD4 it seems and you might waste this perk on the rare chance you will trip over it.

Bandolier - More ammunition for your weapons

This one is great in combination with Double Tap. However, it's not a great choice if you are a sniper, for instance. Bandolier really comes into its own if you find yourself staying alive an above-average amount of time or are playing long games as it will save you countless minutes searching out ammo or other dropped firearms.

C4 x 2 - Remote detonate two C4 charges. The Charges are set by using the fire button. Furthermore, you can detonate it by tapping the reload button twice.

A really good idea for "possession" oriented gametypes like Domination.

RPG-7 x 2 - Ponderous and clumsy weapon with a grandfatherly-slow firing rate.

The big "pro" for the weapon is that it is every soldier's chopper-killer. One of the big threats in CoD4 are the sheer numbers of enemy attack helos that show up in the game. The RPG is about the only effective defense from them.

Special Grenades x 3 - Stun and Flash Grenades.

The influence of Counterstrike and Rainbow Six is evident in the introduction of these two new bits of CoD technology. The Stun and Flash Grenade. While they don't in and of themselves kill. They make frags possible. This Perk comes into its own in the gametypes such as "Headquarters", where a fixed target is heavily defended.

Claymore x 2 - Explosive mines which well detonate when someone steps on them.

The "mine" in CoD2 has been replaced by the Claymore. If CTF had been one of the stock gametypes, there would be a lot more of this strewn around (especially near the flags of course). Unfortunately, as it is not included, the Claymore is a weapon looking for an excuse to be used.

Double Tap  - Increase your rate of fire

This awesome increase in firepower will allow you to get many more run'n'gun frags. This is a must have for any attacker. However, along with the Double Tap perk you will definitely need Bandolier, for the simple fact that you will go through your clip at a unbelieveble rate.

Juggernaut - Additional Health

For the defensive-minded and campers out there, I cannot think of a better xmas present than more health. For the run'n-gunners though, there are better Perks out there. Frankly, for the marginal amount of extra health you get, I would pass on Juggernaut.
Sleight of hand - Quicker reloads

A quicker reload is very useful if you are lugging around one of those LMG's, which take five seconds or more to reload. On all other weapons, this Perk is a waste of time.

Stopping power - Increased weapon damage effect
Punch right through body armor with this baby. Add the "Deeper Impact" Perk and there won't be a sniper or camper out there with a loose sphincter muscle.

UAV Jammer - Jams enemy radar and prevents your detection

A fabulous sniper tool. It might also come in handy when playing free-for all. You will know you need this perk if you find yourself being consistently fragged seconds after you fire off rounds in the game. An alternative to having to use the UAV Jammer is to "run away" after you fire - don't stand still!

Sonic Boom - Bigger Bang for the buck

Increased explosives range with Sonic Boom. CoD2 explosions seem thermonuclear in size compared to those in CoD4. Sonic Boom brings back the CoD2 nade blast zone. This Perk is a really bad idea if your sever has Friendly Fire turned on.


Extreme conditioning - "Sprint" longer distances

Given the tiny maps in CoD4, I don't see too many choosing this Perk.

Steady Aim - Shoot from the hip more accurately.

Aimed at the smart player. Combine this and M4 and Double tap and there won't be anyone that can touch you in close quarter fighting.

Last Stand The General Custer of Perks.

A Hollywood ending comes to CoD. You have been put down by enemy fire but you refuse to die. Your attacker thinks your in eHeaven but you reach for you pistol and you take him out. Last Stand allows you to gain some dignity and revenge in what will be certain and eventual death as you will not be able to move, rather, you lie there bleeding on your butt until someone comes by and presents you with the coup de gras.

Without a question, this is one of the two most popular Perks in CoD4 right now (the other being Martyrdom).

In my opinion, Last Stand is a flash in the pan and a fad. Seasoned gamers, though initially surprised by this Perk, are now "finishing their frags" and the Last Stand is quickly becoming the "Last Lying Dead in my own Blood" Perk.

Deep Impact - Penetrate walls and produce more damage

In combination with an assault rifle like an AK47 or an M16, this is a formidable Perk. Add to it "Stopping Power" and you will be a formidable fighting force on the battlefield. The tactical advantage of this combination is even more pronounced if the player takes a more laid back approach and does not go in on the assault but lays down covering fire from afar. Snipers and campers are the big losers here as they literally will die by the bushel-load against anyone with this in their Perk bag.

Dead Silence - Quiet your approach
Possibly a lethal combination when added to Perks such as UAV Jammer. Combine this with a Silencer (Suppressor) on your weapon and no one will know you are coming. A must-have for the Snipers out there.

Iron Lungs - Hold breath longer for prolonged accuracy
The Viagra of Perks. It is no coincidence that this Perk, geared to the Snipers out there, will be in the same bin as Dead Silence. Clearly IW wants to keep the snipers from moving around too much.

Eavesdrop - Actually listen to enemy Comms
This will be useless if the enemy is using Ventrilo or Teamspeak, as it will only work if you are using CoD4's VOIP system. My guess is that this will be the most underused Perk. Great idea but ultimately pointless. Having said that...if allowed in sanctioned tournament matches, this would be an awesome idea!

Martyrdom - You drop a grenade when your get fragged.

A perk whose inspiration comes from today's headlines, Martyrdom has become the most popular Perk, in my opinion. The reason for the popularity is that it is *currently* very effective. There are quite a few frags every game being attributed to Martyrdom. In some cases players are finding that they can stay well above the 50/50 line (Kills:Deaths) with it. Opponents are just not used to seeing the popped nade at death.
In CoD2, oddly enough, there were some "hacks" out there at one stage which actually did this very thing. In fact I have had this happen to me on numerous occasions on pub servers.
Interestingly, the Martyrdom Perk is also being known as the "Anti-Tea Bag Perk", for obvious reasons that it prevents the post-frag celebration that a player would do after downing his/her opponent.
My feeling is that players will adapt to the Martyrdom perk. I have. And I'm sure that much more talented players will as well.
When I frag someone I now instinctively back away from the body. This not only prevents both the Martyrdom Perk and the Last Stand Perk from working, it also will prevent you from being whacked by the fragee's buddies!

Recommended Classes.

Here are a few combinations to consider as a function of playing style. Future articles will discuss recommended classes for gametypes. Note that, in the end, each of these classes should be tailored to your own playing style. 

This package of perks combines the requirements for stealth and long range power. It also contains Martyrdom which will catch a few players by surprise. Though I have dismissed Martyrdom as a useful tool, I have included it in the Sniper's tool kit. The reason for this is that Snipers in CoD4 are wonderfully disguised and sometimes you just accidentally run into them. Though they are minced meat when discovered by anyone with a pea-shooter for a gun, the surprise factor is enough to make the popped-nade at death, a useful weapon.
Primary Weapon: M21
Side Arm: M9
Special Grenade: Smoke
Perk 1: Deep Impact
Perk 2: UAV Jammer
Perk 3: Martyrdom


The Rusher is usually the first into a house, the first around the blind corner and usually the first to be shot at. For this reason he needs the M4 fully automatic assault weapon. To back that up, give him Double Tap, which provides him with unparalleled fire rates. A Bandolier keeps the Rusher from looking for ammo and a Steady Aim will mean tons of run'n-gun frags!
Primary Weapon: M4 Carbine
Side Arm: USP .45
Special Grenade: Stun
Perk 1: Bandolier
Perk 2: Double Tap
Perk 3: Steady Aim

Backing up the Rusher is the Assault team. While your mates storm the house, the Assault team can cover them by pounding the house and pick off the snipers and campers with their unstoppable arsenal of RPG's and M16 rounds which will go through light skinned buildings like they were made from paper mache'. The additional stopping power will be needed given the fact that the M16 only manages 3-round bursts. 
Primary Weapon: M16A4
Side Arm: USP .45
Special Grenade: Flash
Perk 1: RPG-7x2
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Heavy Gunner
If you need especially stiff defensive power, the Heavy Gunner's load out might be suitable for you. I have also added Juggernaut to give some added protection from the coming onslaught.
Primary Weapon: RPD
Side Arm: M1911 .45
Special Grenade: Stun
Perk 1: Juggernaught
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Steady Aim



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