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CoD4 Tweaks: The yitch2 configuration
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 23 April 2008

UPDATED: Apr 2008

The yitch2 configuration came out during the Christmas season of 2007 and it was quite a hit. I have seen it copied by quite a few people and it has proven to be a standard for people with low to mid computers systems.

As well, the high FPS rate it achieves has also made it popular with would-be pwners out there.

This FPS boost occurs for both "static" and "dynamic" settings. In fact it benchmarks at twice the FPS rate over a stock setting (values are relative).

Past Issues

1. Many players who have tried the yitch2 have not liked the fact that it dumbs down the eye-candy. Well, that's the point isn't it? If you don't have the horsepower to run CoD4 - or - you are a competition gamer, then you need to squeeze the maximum amount of FPS out of your hardware. Dumbing down the graphics is an excellent way to do this.

2.  If you had an nVidia 7xxx card and you were using old nVidia drivers (Forceware < there were issues when using yitch2. The problem was using the r_altModelLighting command in the configuration. The end result was unsatisfactory:


As you can see above, the guns, bricks, grass textures were not showing and were being replaced by silhouettes. This was purely a driver issue and the fix was explained here.

Using the latest drivers, the FPS does drop a tad but the end result is still quite spectacular relative to a stock config.

Here is a picture of the yitch2 configuration running on a 7900 series nVidia with 169.21 Forceware. 





3. The yitch2 will only give you default cammo skins for your main gun unless you enable r_drawdecals. Set this variable to "1" in the config and your beloved cammo will come back.

seta r_drawdecals "0" 


Need Help?

For those of you that need help with this config, please log onto the BASH Boards and post your problems in our Tweaks section.

Note: Previous configurations are discussed here.

And now the rest of the original article we wrote back in December of 2007:


yitch2 configuration 

This is yet another configuration that tries to raise your FPS rate as high as possible. It produces a static FPS rate increase of 5% relative to the scots configuration and a whopping 100% higher rate over a stock configuration. Your results will vary (4 out of 5 doctors agree).

The variables that are changed, relative to the scots configuration, include:

- the corpse count is set to 0 (was 1 - this won't please the morticians out there).
- detailed shaders is set to none (was 1 in the scots).
- skinned object detail has been set to 4 (lowest rendering). 

The screenshot above shows a static FPS of 212, but was actually fluctating. The scots configuration was providing a 194 in this view. So there is a marginal increase in FPS. 



*BENCHMARKS's config qualitative benchmarks:

FPS: The higher, the better. (5 = great, 1 = poor)

Avatar rendering: You lose a great deal in graphical detail with the high-fps configs. So much so that it becomes difficult to distinguish the avatars from the surrounding scenery. This benchmark assess the level of avatar detail is available. (5 = amazing, 1 = lowest detail)

Environment rendering: Much of the eye-candy gets lost with some configs. This attempts to assess how much is retained. (5 = eye-orgasmic, 1 = poor detail)

All measurements on a Single Core System 3 GHz, 2 Gb memory, 7900 Nvidia GTX 512 Mb.


You can download the yitch2.cfg here


In keeping with our CoD4 config in-game-swapping article,  the yitch2.cfg contains fps-relevant commands exclusively. If you follow the swapping article you should be able to figure out how to use it. 

The main idea here is that you keep your basic config_mp.cfg file in your player folder (it should contain all your invariant data: name, class names, maxpacket rate, snaps...etc.). Write-protect it. Then you can add a bind that executes the yitch2.cfg, which has to be placed in your main folder (e.g. bind {key} exec yitch2.cfg).

These steps are explained in the above article.


MP Configuration Database

In order to keep track of all the configurations we have made these past few weeks, we compiled them into a spreadsheet and have published the data on Google Spreadsheets. You will also find a description of the known variables used in the MP configuration.

CoD4MPConfig Spreadsheet


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