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CoD2 Tweaks: The Danzig Config
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Just the other day, out of the blue, I received an email from one of the all time, greatest, config-tweakers in Call of Duty 2: Danzig.

Danzig was the one who inspired the CoD2 database of pro configs.  This Californian Codder had a great reputation in CoD2, both as a player and as a configuration-optimizer. 

Recently though, he had fallen off everyone's radar screens. Where had he gone? To learn more about him and his CoD2 tweaking prowess, I arranged to meet him in Xfire. It was during this meeting that he told me a tale of a great configuration he had once made. It had taken him weeks to put it together. It was so full awesome pwnership that he had only shared it with three of his friends! 

What other secrets had this guy unlocked? Visions of Nazi-gold and lost-pirate treasure suddenly appeared in my head. Quickly knocking those images out of my subconscious and re-entering reality, I caught this line as it flashed past my monitor:

"It's called the danzig.cfg file", he said.

"Whaaaat? Dude...ya have to share this with the readership!". 

Without hesitation, Danzig agreed. What ensues below is a summary of our Xfire Q&A session. As well, Danzig uploaded his configuration file for all of you to try!

The Danzig CoD2 Config Interview:

BS: Danzig, thank you for taking the time to talk to For those out there who may be new to the CoD scene and have not heard about you, tell me a little about yourself and your experiences in COD2.

Danzig: Well, when the game (CoD2) first came out I wasn't really a big gamer - 'til maybe a year after it started. I joined a couple noobie clans, learned about competition and how everything worked. then I met a friend who introduced me into tweaking and all that stuff. Then, eventually, I got better and better as time went by.

: Did you play a lot of tournaments in CoD2?

Danzig: In LANS and cafe's ya, all the time. I never played an online tourney though cause I wasn't really interested in all that - until near the start of CoD4.

BS: How did you get into tweaking configs?

Danzig: A friend passed me a "pro's" config one day and I liked it a lot, so I began searching for more configs and I eventually became addicted to them. Lol. Then I decided to start editing some configs, study the commands. Test the commands and see what does what and how this one counters that one, and which ones are "illegal" and "legal".

: Was your goal to maximize FPS or accuracy/registration?

: Definitely accuracy and registration. I couldn't believe how many times I'd seen people complaining about these two issues. But FPS was important too, so I worked a little on that as well.

BS: You have seen quite a few "pro" configs over your life. Do most of them optimize accuracy and registration over FPS in your opinion? In the CoD competitive scene, who in your opinion had the best config?

Danzig: Yes, I have seen a lot of configs and I've come across a lot that do optimize the reg and accuracy more than FPS, but FPS is important in accuracy and reg as well, so those configs didn't do so well with me.

And my opinion for best config was either Prank's (Team Pandemic) or Knaller's (Tek-9), I preferred Knaller's config.

BS: I've never been able to find a document that explained what all the client config commands do. How did you learn the commands? Trial and error?

Danzig: It kinda just sticks in your head after you've tested all the commands you visually see. I never read any website explaining what the command does or what's its function. I just used common sense.

BS: You are quite well known and respected in the CoD2 community for coming up with consistently the best CoD2 configs ever. Where were you when I was playing tournaments?! Lol. Did you ever come up with a config you were particularly proud of?

Danzig: Well I wouldn't say well known but respected ya :).

I made a config one day because a friend said he was tired of the one he was using. So, I decided to make a config and I put in countless hours of checking to see what difference things made. And after, I would say, two weeks of working on it I gave it to my friend - and he totally freaked out.

So I tried it out for myself in a competitive pub one day and totally stunned myself on how amazing this config was.

It was just unbelievable,

So I told my friend not to show anyone this config besides another good friend who was in the same clan.

BS: Can you describe the danzig.cfg?

Danzig: danzig.cfg is just pure awesomeness. It changed how I saw CoD2 visually. It let me run details that i couldn't before without losing like 50 fps. Its accuracy and registration were great. I've made so much random/planned out shots that I thought I could never make.

: There's always a raging debate over what settings to use for cl_maxpackets and com_maxfps. Have you used any particular combinations (ref: Sweet Spots in CoD)

Danzig: Yes there was (a debate) I remember, but personally cl_maxpackets barely made a difference in my gameplay, but com_maxfps ...I frequently change while I play from 125-250.

BS: I haven't seen your name recently...did you leave the CoD scene? Do you have CoD4?

Danzig: Sadly I went on to RPG games right when CoD4 came out. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like CoD4 or not, so I kinda ignored it and went on to a different game. I am coming back to the CoD series though and I'm planning on buying CoD4 very soon and I cant wait to try out some configs and hopefully make another one like danzig.cfg.

BS: Hopefully you will be stopping by to give us your impressions of CoD4 and share your knowledge of tweaking with us!

Danzig: Oh for sure. I'm glad we met and I'm sure you were excited to find me :D


The Danzig Configuration 


I just tried it out on my machine (P4, GPU: 7900 Nvidia, 1200x760 res, with most of the video settings at mid-range) and I could instantly "feel" the difference.

Kudos to Danzig! This thing rocks.

Let's first start off with FPS: I was getting high double digits (80's, 90's) on most maps. The Danzig took that to 125. 

But that's not what this puppy is all about. Remember: registration and accuracy is what we're ultimately looking for.

And daaaaaaaaaamnnn it delivers!

First, I loaded up my favorite server (a modded one at that - action is fast and furious, unlike stock play). I used the modded server to really max out server-client traffic and thus put the config under a severe test. I entered the server with a scope and an Enfield (bolt action). Everyone else in the server had auto weapons.

Normally I'd be hunted like a wild animal with that load out. Sliced and diced and what's left of me mailed home. But Danzig's config changed things - I became the hunter. I was headshotting at distance. I was winning close up melees (remember...I only have a bolt here).

I had one of the most memorable moments of my entire CoD2 career in the few minutes I tested danzig.cfg out. I was playing CTF and near an enemy base, providing fire-support to my team, which was trying to snatch the enemy flag. My opponents were swarming and spawning everywhere. Calmly I plugged ten of 'em in a row with an Enfield at mid and close range. It was unreal.

I was shooting the pimple off a fly's forehead at long distances while on the move!. Head shots at two-hundred feet, taking out peeps while I was falling...etc. Man I started to pwn so bad I actually had to take it down a bit before folks start to think I was haxoring! 

All the guns felt "light" in my hands and re-engaging targets became easy even with ponderous weapons. 



1. Download the file danzig.cfg.

2. Place it in your C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main CoD2 installation folder.

3. Run the game as usual. You might wish to write-protect your config_mp.cfg.

4. In console (press ~), type: exec danzig.cfg 

5. You might need to do a /vid_restart command in console at this point.

Currently, Danzig has set his com_maxfps to 250. For my system, I brought that number down to 125. While normally I would then suggest a cl_maxpackets of 125/2 = 63. I left it the maxpackets at 84 under Danzig's advice. While I still think 63 would be correct to achieve the Sweet Spot numbers, I did not see much difference at the FPS I was running.  

Please let me (and Danzig) know how you fared with this awesome config! Post your comments here: BS Boards.

Or contact Danzig using Xfire: inkkk



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