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CoD4 Tweaks: Sniper Config
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Truth be told, I've hated sniping in CoD4 so I have never really been interested in coming up with the "best" sniper config. Well I keep getting asked about sniper, I thought I'd ask the knowledgeable snipers in the community to come up with a really good config.


I did not want this to be a max FPS style config only. We assumed that the player had a reasonably fast computer (e.g. say, dual core and at least a 7900 nVidia).

Target visualization and registration are BOTH key for this config. Unfortunately, the better you see targets, usually the higher the graphics settings and thus the worse your FPS. So there had to be a middle ground.
The puller script solution
A really interesting solution for this challenge came from BASHandSlash Boards regular, puller. His idea was to have TWO configs in the game that could be swapped back and forth to optimize both the scoped and de-scoped sniper experience. He realized that when you were de-scoped (or using a non-sniper rifle) you may not want the same config as when you are aiming down the sights (ADS scoped) with a sniper. Complicating matters, ADS with a non-sniper rifle had to be treated differently than ADS with a sniper.

Puller wrote:
I tried a lot in the last days. I made a modified version of stock.cfg (a lot less commands) and managed to load this cfg on aiming down. o when you look through the scope it looks detailed just like in singleplayer,you see the bullet holes in the wall and maybe even blood when you make a head shot. The textures look the sharpest possible and I commented out lodscalerigid so that you see more.

What I found good for visibility is r_aasamples=2 (2x anti aliasing) that is the best for visibility and performance on my system unfortunately you cant change it ingame. So you need to change it in config_mp.cfg. When you see something moving far away you can be sure its an enemy or player and not some flickering or pixels. It is really good for the eyes and nerves.

So here is what he came up with.

First you need to create a script file, puller called it script.cfg and place this in the /main folder of your CoD4 installation:


bind KP_INS "vstr dec"
set dec "vstr d1"
set d1 "exec puller.cfg;set dec vstr d0"
set d0 "exec yitch2.cfg;set dec vstr d1"

bind mouse4 "+melee;+holdbreath"
bind mouse2 "-holdbreath;+toggleads_throw;"
bind shift "+sprint"
bind x "-holdbreath;+toggleads_throw; vstr dec"

Then you need a sniper configuration file (puller originally called this file modified "stock.cfg", but we'll call it puller.cfg. 

puller.cfg (Im sure you could throw out a lot more and make loading times better.)

// puller.cfg
seta ai_corpseCount "5"
seta cg_blood "1"
seta com_maxfps "120"
seta dynEnt_active "1"
seta fx_draw "1"
seta fx_drawClouds "1"
seta fx_marks "1"
seta fx_marks_ents "1"
seta fx_marks_smodels "1"
seta fx_sort "1"
seta r_altModelLightingUpdate "1"
seta r_aspectRatio "auto"
seta r_autopriority "0"
seta r_customMode ""
seta r_debugLineWidth "1"
seta r_depthPrepass "0"
seta r_depthPrepassModels "0"
seta r_dlightLimit "4"
//seta r_drawDecals "1"
seta r_drawSun "1"
seta r_drawWater "1"
seta r_fastSkin "1"
seta r_fog "1"
seta r_glow "1"
seta r_glow_allowed "1"
r_specular "1"
seta r_lodBias "0"
seta r_lodBiasRigid "0"
seta r_lodBiasSkinned "0"
seta r_lodScale "1"
//seta r_lodScaleRigid "1"
seta r_lodScaleSkinned "1"
seta r_normal "1"
seta r_nv_fence "0 "
seta r_nv_fog_available "0"
seta r_nv_fog_dist "0"
seta r_nv_fogdist_mode "GL_EYE_RADIAL_NV"
seta r_nv_register_combiners "0 "
seta r_nv_texture_shader "0"
seta r_nv_vertex_array_range "0 "
seta r_optimize "1"
seta r_optimizeLightmaps "1"
seta r_optimizeXModels "5"
seta r_outdoorAwayBias "32"
seta r_outdoorDownBias "0"
seta r_outdoorFeather "8"
seta r_picmip "0"
seta r_picmip_bump "0"
seta r_picmip_manual "1"
seta r_picmip_spec "0"
seta r_picmip_water "0"
seta r_polygonOffsetBias "-1"

As stated, you can put both these files in the main folder. Then you need to execute the script.cfg file. There are many ways to do the latter, but simply typing:

/exec script.cfg the console will do the trick.

The really cool part of puller's config is the toggle he has placed in his script. He allows you to go  back and forth between his sniper configuration (puller.cfg configuration) and a default run'n gun configuration. In his case he's using the "yitch2" config (thanks for the props puller!). You don't have to run yitch2.cfg, you can use whatever you like, just make sure it resides in /main.

If you don't have yitch2.cfg, you can find it here: yitch2.cfg.

Manual mode

In the "manual" mode you can toggle the two configs using the "Keypad Ins" key.

ADS mode

By using the "x" key you toggle the ADS and simultaneously go from an unscoped yitch2 environment to a high detail (modified stock) sniper-optimized, scoped environment.

So....when you are scoped, you see bullet marks, high detail...etc., when you unscope, you're right back to a high FPS config like yitch2.

The only thing to get used to is that puller uses the "x" key to scope - not a mouse button (most of us use the mouse buttons to ADS). He chose the "x" key so that if you pick up a regular weapon, you can continue to use ...say, the MOUSE2 key (as usual) and it will not change environments when you aim-down the sights. You will only change configs when you hit the "x" key.

There is one drawback of course...when you run out of ammo and reload, the environments get inverted (de-scoped is detailed and scoped is not). All you need do is manually toggle the environments using the Ins key and your back to normal.

Of course you can modify the idea as much as you would like. For example, I had trouble with puller's scoped bind (the x key) and I didn't like the Ins Key as my manual I set my KP_PGUP key for that and I modified the scoping bind in the script.cfg as follows:

script.cfg (modified)
//puller's sniper script from (edited by JY)
bind KP_PGUP "vstr dec"
set dec "vstr d1"
set d1 "exec sniper.cfg;set dec vstr d0"
set d0 "exec yitch2.cfg;set dec vstr d1"

bind x "-holdbreath;+toggleads_throw; vstr dec"


This is what they configs look like:

 First off...the typical stock configs as a baseline:








Now the deScoped environment in yitch2.cfg. This is the "default" environment in the script.cfg file. You can replace yitch2 with whatever config you like best when you are deScoped.




Here is the ADS view with yitch2 on. Note all decals are off (bullet marks do not show) and blood is off as well.





By using the "x" key to ADS from the yitch2 config into puller.cfg, you get the following view. It's crisp and detailed and voila' the bullet marks are back!





Sometimes the config toggle inverts and you will need to snap it back using the manual reset key. This inversion happens when you reload for example. You can instantly see you are in the wrong mode by an FPS drop and the fact that there is more eye-candy in the view! 




Thanks go to puller for this awesome idea!

If you have any questions, post them here

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