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CoD4 Variety Map Pack is Free for PC
Written by jockyitch   
Friday, 30 May 2008

If you were in charge of public relations guy at nVidia and you wanted PC gamers to love you even more than they do now...what would you do?

Get the tech guys to come up with something better than the GeForce 9800?

Get server admins dates with *real* girls?

Pepperoni pizzas for community mappers? about allowing the PC'ers to download special IW map-packs for free? Yup...we'll get roughly the same variety map pack that the console guys had to pay for - fer nuthin' (insert Nelson laugh here).

Here's fourzerotwo's blog describing this bonanza:


Variety Map Pack Sponsored by nVidia hits PC June 5th  

Great news! Heads up that the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack sponsored by NVIDIA will be available worldwide for our PC players next week on June 5th!

NVIDIA is making it possible for PC players to download the map pack for Free on the PC thanks to their sponsorship. In addition, expect to see quite a few promotions popping up leading up to the launch of the map packs on the 5th and beyond. I know NVIDIA has a lot of great things planned for PC users in addition to maps becoming available.

There’s going to be some PC specific previews going up online this weekend I believe that will cover how well the maps play on the PC version as well as some contests and promotions happening all next week. I’ll be posting up details on them as they get started all this week!

The Variety Map Pack includes four new maps for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer including Broadcast, Chinatown, Killhouse, and Creek.

In addition to the map pack hitting, PC Players will be receiving the 1.6 Patch for the PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that will add support for the new maps, fix a server crash exploit recently reported by the community, and a few additional features / bug fixes. I will post a full patch notes list next week.

- fourzerotwo 


So in addition to four new maps, we also get patch 1.6 (which we had blogged about two weeks ago here).

I don't know about you all...but I can't wait to play Chinatown - the Carentan remake. I had played a Carentan port in CoD4 just a few days ago...and it brought back some fond CoD2 memories.

As for nVidia coming through for all us PC gamers. Thank you.

I have been buying nVidia products for some time now - even though ATI's headquarters are just down the road from me. I love their stuff. Thanks a lot guys. Oh...and nVidia...give your PR guy a raise.

This is also a big win for IW and Activision. IW was under serious pressure from the Console community not to release the pack for free to the PC community. By nVidia bailing them out, not only is the PC community appeased, the consolers can now console themselves (sorry for the pun - had to be done) with the fact that at least *someone* paid for the PC version.


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