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CoD4: Nabore's Aim Map
Written by jockyitch   
Sunday, 21 December 2008

The news about Team Pandemic Nabore's Aim Map, mp_pandemic_aim2, for CoD4 is very dated.

As you all know, the aim map can be used for the serious scrimmers...the competitive types, that is. The map is tiny and is the perfect size for a 5-man team to get in and duke it out in an intense workout. You will get more training out of a ten minute aim map workout than you will in an hour of S&D gaming. 

And for those who are not familiar with it...the map is divided into two symmetric regions and is typically played in TDM mode. Rushers can try gaining access into the opponents end only using the covered walkways on the flanks as the center is blocked off (the Pandemic logos offer an invisible, impenetrable force field). Statues at both ends provide excellent cover for snipers and counter-snipers alike. All-in-all, it allows every member of a CoD4 team to gain experience and practice. 

Some clans love running 1v1 tournaments to settle who is the best gun in the group - if you are planning one of those tourneys...this is the map for you.

As well, server admins staring at under-utilized servers should seriously consider loading this map on their server. If you only get 2-6 people on, the gameplay on a regular CoD4 map would be boring. On this map...the action is just unreal and surprisingly, is always varied! I played last night for two hours and I was not bored once. I cannot recommend this map enough.

The reason we are talking about this map now is that many CoD4 players may want to brush up on their game given all the new tournaments (CEVO, gotfrag, CAL) coming in January. Many of those tournaments will be played on the DAMN mod by MavLP. 

If you want to try out the aim map played with DAMN mod rules, try Phonetic's DAMN mod aim server at (brand new server sponsor!!). Tell the Phonetic guys I recommended it to you - they did not believe it was me when I was playing there :(.

Have fun and happy praccing!

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