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BASH 94: 2008 in Review
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 07 January 2009

The first live show of the year was a biggie!

We had a huge group of folks on BASH this week.  Along with our regular roundtable of CoD modder PST*Joker from,  Rudedog who helps out server admins across the gaming spectrum on his site at and Garetjax of, we welcomed two more folks on the program.




First on the show was Chris Remo, editor-at-large from Gamasutra. Chris, who stars on his own podcast idlethumbs (, has written a satirical spoof of IW’s own fourzerotwo’s rant against Activision producer, Noah Heller. The song is called Stop (Doing Interviews) and is simply hilarious and has gone viral in our community.


You can download the song at

It’s pure genius.

Chris tells us why he wrote it and has some insight into whether the Director of Communication for IW may have been disciplined over it. Chris also discusses the politics of the gaming scene in 2008 with our roundtable.

From, we welcomed Jeff (jeFFY), who is now fully in charge of the CoD section over there. He comes on to tell us about the CoD4 Tournament (contrary to what we say in the podcasts, late word is that registrations are now extended to Jan. 12 — so you can still apply).

As well, Jeff told us about his tribulations at getting the message out and it seems not everyone in the community wants to listen. Jeff is new in the community but full of energy and we expect great things over at In an open and frank discussion with the new section head, we discuss some of the reasons why the huge e-gaming site has upset some of its long time CoD4 patrons - and what he’s doing to turn things around.

If you have a CoD4 team, seriously consider the GotFrag Tournament as it has high visibility in sponsor circles and a high turnout could positively affect our community! The roundtable then gets in the act and we discuss the year 2008.

What was the best community mod in 2008? The  most innovative?

Which CoD4 teams were the best in CoD4? And who was MVP?

What was the event of the year?

The best FPS of 2008?

…all this and more on this mammoth episode!


Vote for your faves


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to BASH. My name is Jock Yitch and we have a great show for everyone tonight.

First off...Happy 2009!  This will be the first live show of the year...hope everyone had a good holiday.

If you are out there in our chatroom - thanks for coming here tonight.  Wanted to give a shoutout to all those huddled behind their keyboards in our gamesurge chat area  #bashandslash.

If you are listening to us on iTunes or if you simply downloaded the cast i'd like to say - hey howse it goin' eh?  That's the official BASH Canadian greeting.

On with us today will be our usual BASH roundtable.

from its Rudedog
from its garetjax

AND live from his bar...sorry, computer room at, its modder extraordinaire - PST*Joker

Joker you are of course not only a modder, but you are now head admin at the BASH Fragfest DAMN server - brought to you by CLANWARZ (

You've got the CEVO ruleset installed and your sitting back watching all the high priced help go in there and shoot it up.

Great job keep er going.

By the way, I want to invite all those in the chatroom to come have a Frag party tonight. We will be having the usual post-cast BASH Fragfest. So come on in ...strap on CoD4, the server will be hopping I am sure.

We are also expecting some special guests:

To talk about the tournament, we have JeFFy from GotFrag.

And hopefully, on as well will be Chris Remo editor at large from Gamasutra and from a great podcast:

Chris will be on to talk about his absolutely hysterical original CoD4 song  "Stop Doing Interviews".


CHRIS REMO segment - and the fourzerotwo-Noah-Heller-rant spoof song

1. Tell us something of yourself. Your an Editor at large with Gamasutra? What are your areas of interest in gaming?

2. You also do a webcast called, what's that all about.

3. You recently created a song that went viral in our community called Stop Doing interviews...

How did you come about spoofing fourzerotwo's rant?

4. Where did you get the music? You played and sang?

5. Do you follow CoD at all?

6. What do you think prompted fourzerotwo to call Heller this?

7. What other songs have you done and where can we find them.


Personally I think 402 got away with this because of Noah's badmouthing of Gearbox's Brothers in Arms...where he said that their game was out Treyarch's league...that was in June of 2008

it prompted this retraction on TeamXbox:


    “Hi everybody,

    My name is JD, and I’m the Community Manager here at Treyarch Studios. I’m writing to you on behalf of my colleagues here at Treyarch.

    Over the weekend, we learned that some disparaging comments were made by an Activision rep at a recent Call of Duty: World at War press event. We want to let everyone know that we found those remarks offensive, and they do not in any way represent the feelings of any developer at this studio or at Activision. We hold all of our peers in the development community in the highest regard. We have nothing but respect for the guys and gals at Gearbox.

    We offer our sincerest apologies to anybody who was offended.

    Treyarch dev team”


GOTFRAG segment

Jeff GotFrag: Head of the Call of Duty section
Update: Midnight, the 12th of January will be the final deadline for teams to get into the GotFrag COD4 PC Tournament.

This long-awaited tournament, which had been originally proposed as a coming out party for CoD:WW, then shelved and then re-born as a CoD4 Tournament, is finally upon us.


0. Introduction.
1. You were going with CoD:WW tournament - why did you go back to CoD4.
2. A description of the tournament, When does the tournament start?
3. Who will be some of the big name teams coming in.?
4. Why no EG?
5. How will we be able to follow the teams - shoutcast/demos?
6. Has GotFrag supported CoD? Is that why teams aren't coming on?
Number of Teams: 32 max
Format: 5v5
Maxrounds: 12
Structure: Best of Three Games, Double Elimination Bracket
Game Mode: Search and Destroy
Game Mod: DAMN (most up to date version)
Map Pool: Crash, Strike, Citystreets, Backlot, Vacant, Crossfire 
The theme for tonight will be: A look back at's our 2008 wrap up show.

The games industry will look back at 2008 and deem it a success. Overall, gaming companies pulled in $50 billion+ world wide and it is one of the few sectors of the economy that is making money in this recession - it and the repo business (oh...and the car companies, thanks to U.S. and Canadian legislators)...

So I thought it would be interesting to look back on 2008 from our own perspective here in the CoD community and see what this year has brought.

State of the CoD Union

1. How did the CoD Franchise do this year? Was it an up year?

- business aside I thought it was a down year. CoD4 lost steam in the fall and CoDWW just hasnt brought back that oomph we had back in 2007.

Business side:

-Growth in video games: 40% more shelf space given to video games and sales were up 10% from a few months ago.

-Polls indicate that buyers will less likely buy unknown titles. So Activision will focus on maximizing profits from their top selling franchise. Publishers with top selling titles will benefit disproportionately.

Activision Blizzard September Quarter Calendar 2008 Results show some interesting things:

- Is the franchise strong/weak? (Activision ATVI stock now ~$8.00 was $17.50 in August)

- Back in 91 Activision made $600M/yr in margin...its now 4.9Billion as a merged entity with Blizzard.

- In 2008 Call of Duty had a 90% increase in revenue over 2007, obviously with CoD4 selling well.

- We learned from Activision that CoD4 sold 11M units
- Activision expected CoD5 to be the highest rated Treyarch game ever
- We also found out that CoD6 was already in production. Possibly a reprise of CoD4.
- We learned what Activision might want to do with the CoD Franchise: Bobby Kotick Activision CEO said in the Sep2008 Activision shareholder meeting that Activision learned that to maximize earnings, they want to keep a "Studio leapfrog strategy"

He said that "IP boundaries are expandable", and "The consumer base is growing", "Appetite for more online play".  They want to explore online monetization."

- 75% of all purchasers are playing CoD4 online. Making ACTI want to focus on DLC even more. They think that the multiplayer component is why they can continue to sell the games at the original release price.

Events of 2008

a) What events caught your attention in 2008.

Here are mine,

i) Activision/Blizzard formed officially on July 9, 2008 though deal was announced December 2, 2007. Personally, this for me was a watershed: again ...for me .... it was effectively the end of CoD being a labor of love of a few talented individuals and the start of it being a corporate IP - with all the ramifications that brings to the quality of future titles.

ii) the release of the CoD:WW Beta.

iii) fourzerotwo calling Noah Heller a douche...a fact which prompted the following song from Chris Remo of


a) Best CoD-mod in 2008?

e.g.: ACE, AWE4, DAMN, eXTR (Tactical Realism), FKmod4, Frontlines, Gungame, Heat of Battle4, Modern Paintball, PAMIV, Promod, Tactical night, X4, Zombie

X4 has a special place in my heart because of the Atomic Weapon you can set off in the mod. Tho ACE and AWE are solid mods, I didn't think they added to CoD4. Promod was incredible as it showed what we could do as a community...but in the end, the community has left it aside....go to Frontlines and Paintball, both those mods showed what can be done by modders and scripters.

But Hajas' Frontlines has an epic quality to it - its a campaign system, not just a mod. But it owes itself to many a modder in the community.

PST*Joker: Tactical Realism by Chiblue (Loyal Order of Ludicrum).

b) Most innovative mod in 2008?

Without a doubt for me this belongs to crazyankles of CoD4: Modern Paintball take a bow.

PST*Joker: Tactical Realism by Chiblue (Loyal Order of Ludicrum).

Competitive Gaming:

a) Opinions on the state of CoD competitive gaming 2008. Did we go forward or backward?

Huge leap forward this summer. Huge leap backward this fall. The rise, fall and rise of CoD4 is the best description.

i) Personally...

what was the highlight of your own gaming experiences in 2008?

ii) Best match in 2008 overall (not including your team)?

EG beating LLL at TeX. 13-10 final score for EG. qwertyyy of LLL with a magnificent performance.

Runner up: AEF Grand final between KomaCrew and TP. Early lead by KomaCrew on crash was completely reversed by TP but nades caused the game to see-saw back and forth. Keith turned A house into his own private quarters and the rest was history. Pandemic won AEF.

iii) Best team in CoD4 for 2008?

It was close, but I think Pandemic takes this one. CEVO-P championships and all.

v)  CoD4 MVP for 2008?


...with some exceptions in Europe, I think overall rob was instrumental in taking his team to wins in Europe and in NA. Runner up to Chimpae of MoB Deep and Keith of Pandemic.

What was the FPS Game of the Year for PC/Console?

Rudedog: Call of Duty: World at War
Garetjax: Left 4 Dead

Predictions for 2009

1. This year seemed to be the year of the zombie, has the genre burned out?
2. What will be the most innovative thing we will see in commmunity mods for CoD:WW?
3. Will CoD4 breakthru into the upper echelon of great eSport games? could, but it will require Garetjax getting CoDTV moving:

Here's a comment  from: sk-gaming regarding what made CS big:

"The biggest, most important change that ever happened to CS came way back in 2001, with the invention of HLTV. Sorry to keep harping on about spectators, but it's the truth. The money system alteration was nice, the new guns in 1.6 were kinda useful, but it was HLTV that made Counter-Strike and made Western esports."
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