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Bind "Calls" Tutorial
Written by jockyitch   
Monday, 03 September 2007

By popular demand, we present another mini-tutorial on key binds in CoD2. Again, please forgive me if you have seen these - most of the old time CoD'ers will already have made binds to the quickcommands, quickstatements and quickresponses available in the game. If you haven't, then read on.


Ever hear player avatars should "Yes, sir!", or "Attack left flank!" in the game? Of course you can get your character to yell these things out by going through the quick chat menu system. But there is a faster, easier way and it doesn't involve you memorizing all those sequences of key presses. You can now shout out using only one key, but it does require you to change your config_mp.cfg file - yes, again.

Remember, we have talked about changing this file in the article:

In a bind: Changing your name in CoD2.

Well we'll follow the same steps as in that article except we'll need to bind the keys of your choice with the following selections.

There are three sets of call outs:

quickCOMMANDS (normally called up by pressing v 1)
quickSTATEMENTS (key press v 2)
quickRESPONSES (key press v 3)

If you would like to bind a key with one of the preset call outs, you can add one or more of these binds in your config_mp.cfg file (if the key is already bound, replace it). The comment in red should not be typed.

bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 1" Follow Me
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 2" Move in
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 3" Fall Back
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 4" Suppressing Fire
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5" Attack Left Flank
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6" Attack Right Flank
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 7" Hold this Position
bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 8" Regroup

bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 1" Enemy Spotted
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 2" Enemy Down
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 3" I'm in Position
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 4" Area Secure
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 5" Grenade
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 6" Sniper
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 7" Need Reinforcements
bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 8" Hold your Fire

bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 1" Yes Sir
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 2" No Sir
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 3" On my way
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4" Sorry
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 5" Great Shot
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 6" Took Long Enough
bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 7" Are you crazy ?

where # is the keyboard key of your choice.

For example, to question the mental state of one of your opponents using the 3 key on the keyboard, add this bind to your config_mp.cfg:

bind 3 "openScriptMenu quickresponses 7"

Here's an example of the first few lines of a config_mp.cfg file, showing quickResponse and quickCommand items. They are bound to the first 5 numeric digits on your computer:

// generated by Call of Duty, do not modify
bind TAB "+scores"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+gostand"
bind 1 "openScriptMenu quickresponses 1"
bind 2 "openScriptMenu quickresponses 2"
bind 3 "openScriptMenu quickresponses 3"
bind 4 "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4"
bind 5 "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5"
bind 6 "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6"
Hear you on the battlefield!
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