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CoD4: Modify your scoreboard
Written by jockyitch   
Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Your config_mp.cfg (configuration) file is a powerful tool to help you not only squeeze more framerate from the bag of diodes you call a computer, but you can also customize your scoreboard with it.

One of our readers, Madara, showed us his customized scoreboard the other day in a post in our BASHBoards.

Along with a picture of his colorful scoreboard, Madara also sent me his config_mp.cfg file (click on the picture).


Now, we have touched on this topic before and in fact, it is quite dated. Ind3X and Mr_Nickle talked about scoreboard color back in Sep 07 on our BASHboards! But I bring it up again as I have seen renewed interest in this issue and thought I would post this here with some links. 

Madara created his config for playing competitive CoD. The config is somewhat long and does contain redundant commands (some with mis-spellings); however, it gets good framerate and has a lot of interesting visual features in it.

One of the great features is the attention he has paid to his scoreboard. Gone is the spartan white text. Instead he has put in all sorts of color (see picture above).

Here's how he did it:

Console colors

First off, before Madara takes us into the details of his console tweaks. You must first be familiar with the fact that in CoD4, colors are represented in a Red-Green-Blue-Alpha format. That means that a number like 1 0 0 0 gives us "RED" and a 0 1 0 0 gives us "GREEN", 0 0 1 0 is "BLUE" and the alpha value is the transparency of the number.

A cool website to know for quick color translations is: RGBA Translations

Now we get Madara to fill us in on the console commands.


This effects the console look:

seta con_inputBoxColor "1 0.6 0.8 0.6"
seta con_inputHintBoxColor "1 0.6 0.6 0.2"
seta con_outputBarColor "0 0 0 0.6"
seta con_outputSliderColor "0 0 0 0.6"
seta con_outputWindowColor "0 0 0 1"


Some basic scoreboard commands.


seta cg_scoreboardMyColor "1 0.6 0 0"
seta cg_scoreboardPingGraph "1"
seta cg_ScoresPing_BgColor "0.25098 0.25098 0.25098 0.501961"
seta cg_ScoresPing_HighColor "0.8 0 0 1"
seta cg_ScoresPing_LowColor "1 0.2 0 1"
seta cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars "4"
seta cg_ScoresPing_MedColor "0.8 0.8 0 1"

scoreboardMyColor will change the color of your name in the scoreboard

Set PingGraph to "1" if you want a graphical representation of ping rather than numerical.

MaxBars then allows you to specify how many vertical bars represent your ping.

Bg = Background
HighColor = the color to represent high ping (e.g. red)
LowColor = for low ping (e.g. green)
MedColor = medium ping (e.g. yellow)


This controls the text that looks like "teletype scrawl" that comes up on the screen at the end of the game. The values here are Madara's.

seta con_typewriter_printspeed "40"
seta con_typewriterColorGlowCheckpoint "0.6 0.5 0.6 1"
seta con_typewriterColorGlowCompleted "0 0.3 0.8 1"
seta con_typewriterColorGlowFailed "0.8 0 0 1"
seta con_typewriterColorGlowUpdated "0 0.6 0.18 1"
seta con_typewriterDecayDuration "700"
seta con_typewriterDecayStartTime "6000"
seta con_typewriterPrintSpeed "50"


You can customize the look of your scoreboard with the following items.  Play with them yourselves. Note that the CoD4 console defines each item. The commands below reflect Madara's values.

seta cg_scoreboardBannerHeight "24"
seta cg_scoreboardFont "6"
seta cg_scoreboardheaderfonts "0"
seta cg_scoreboardHeaderFontScale "0.2"
seta cg_scoreboardHeight "485"
seta cg_scoreboardItemHeight "13"
seta cg_scoreboardPingText "1"
seta cg_scoreboardPingWidth "0.036"
seta cg_scoreboardRankFontScale "0.25"
seta cg_scoreboardScrollStep "3"
seta cg_scoreboardTextOffset "0.5"
seta cg_scoreboardWidth "400"
seta cg_scorePlums "1"
seta cg_ScoresPing_Interval "100"
seta cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars "4"
seta cg_scoreTransparency "1.0"

Additional commands

seta cg_debugInfoCornerOffset "-140 300"
This command changes the location of the FPS output. Madara has placed it in the lower right quadrant.

seta cg_drawFPS "Verbose"
Madara has set the drawFPS output to "Verbose". Personally I prefer "Simple".

seta cg_drawFPSLabels "1"
seta cg_drawLagometer "1"
seta cg_drawSnapshot "1"

Team colors/names on the scoreboard

The following commands change various bits of text on the scoreboard made obvious by the variable names.

Default colors are provided.

g_teamcolor_myteam 0.4 0.6 0.8509 1
g_teamcolor_enemyteam 0.75 0.25 0.25 1
g_ScoresColor_Allies 0 0 0 0
g_ScoresColor_Axis 0.52 0.27 0.27 1
g_TeamColor_Allies 0 0 0 0
g_TeamColor_Axis  0.52 0.27 0.27 1
g_ScoresColor_Spectator 0.25 0.25 0.25 0
Scoreboard team names can also be changed:
g_teamname_allies MPUI_SAS_SHORT
g_teamname_axis MPUI_SPETNAZ_SHORT
Defaults are GAME_ALLIES, GAME_AXIS for allies and axis respectively.


Sadly, the changes are not "persistent". The effect is lost if the scoreboard refreshes. The trick is to add a bind to the "TAB" button which will run everytime you go to check your score:

Madara: The game actually refreshes the scoreboard colors (not the text, only the COLORS) so it might be a good idea to bind them. I made the following bind, for my scoreboard.


bind TAB "+scores; g_scorescolor_allies 0 1 0.8 1; g_scorescolor_axis 1 0.6 0.6 1; g_teamname_allies ^5Marines; g_teamname_axis ^6Opfor
Just add all the variables you have changed to the bind.
Madara: I sincerely hope you became wiser after this reading, I think I coverd it all. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me through this forum or my xfire
gandalfthered  as in gandalf the grey/white
. LoTR

Thanks Madara. Awesome job.


Note: if you would like to try out Madara's config, but don't know what to do, check out our noob page and look up: Tweaking your player configuration


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