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CoD4: Promod LIVE picked by
Written by jockyitch   
Sunday, 29 March 2009

It appears that there is a winner in the CoD4 competitive mod voting over at The CoD Alliance (TCA).




The European competitive community ( has selected Promod Live. This is their official announcement:

Our EU member teams have been voting on Promod Live vs. Promod 4.40, and have now come to a decision.

The majority vote is in favor of Promod Live, which will now officially be supported by TCA EU Staff and member teams. All major European Cups, Tournaments and LAN events will be encouraged to use Promod Live, as it is not only bug free and playable, but also spectator friendly.

TCA EU Staff would like to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to the following individuals for their work on the finished product, which can now be enjoyed by the entire EU community:

- Bulletworm
- raf1
- Carlisle
- Trivve
- MavLP
- Morg

(and anyone not mentioned above)
You can find Promod Live in our download section.


Personally, I think that Garetjax should have merited a shoutout here, but not everyone knows the history of these mods.

Regardless which mod you were backing, congratulations go out to the European CoD scene participants and of course to the TCA for bringing some unity back to the CoD ruleset.

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Ryan Palmer (aka Raf1) added his thoughts after Carlisle's mod won:

Source: Tek9

Haha, thought I would write a blog for a change - as I have just been watching from the sidelines for ages

First I would like to congratulate Carlisle and the TCA on re-unifying the CoD4 scene - but also to the competitors in these mod wars.

If there had been no mod war there would have always been potential for future ruleset changes, etc and some degree of instability - but by having this war against mods, the community has firmly decided what it wants with the game, and which game it wants to go with.

Originally I didn't think Carlisle would be the person to do it, when he started he didn't know that much about coding and he didn't seem the type to listen to anybody - but I think he's proven everyone wrong. He might make a sh** community manager, but hes really done well with producing what the CoD4 community needed. He's obviously made mistakes with releasing loads of versions in a short amount of time - but I did exactly the same originally

Im interested in seeing where the game goes though - I think the release of RTCW and MW2 could kill the game but I think the stabilisation of the community will mean whichever game is better gets a massive stable community move over to it. I want to see what happens with MW2 anyway - I have my doubts with it based on the direction IW is moving - and also have a look at RTCW since I think this will be produced from a more competitive point of view.

I think the chances are with MW2 that too much will be hardcoded - it was fairly hard to get rid of all the perks and new features they added - and so much behind the scenes of Promod only works by pure chance - I think MW2 could potentially come with a load of forced graphics that we can no longer mod out, more potential registration problems - like sway, etc. But maybe not... :/ hopes up!

Im not sure if I'll mod these games myself - but if the stock games are close to a competitive game - I will probably get involved in some way - even if its just writing a base engine for people to use or finding ways of improving registration etc.

As for playing games in the future - I'd like to come back to competitive gaming at some point - just waiting for the right game. I've been having a bit of fun with Quake live, maybe that can keep me ticking over till a decent team fps comes along ^^


Raf1's comments came just after Jaymie post this in the same forum:

I haven't written a blog for a jolly long time!

I think the subject of mods is not a bad one, and I have a unique perspective on it, being one of the peope tapping at the keyboard in order to fight for what they beleived in!

This, before you angry people get all flusterd, is not a glorification post. For I am a realist. Just a little bit of text to accompany, I hope, the final change in mod for all of us. We all deserve it.

For those who aren't privvy to myself of promod. I am carlisle, a person who plays CoD4. Who feared for his fun when DAMN was encroaching on europe. With basic modding and coding skills and reasonable connections I took in my hand to try and stop DAMN before it reached our sumptious plains. I intended very basic and simple changes to be made to Promod 3. These changes were what I thought the game needed and what the majority of people I queried had in mind also.

JUSZN (ed: Jasdev "JUSZN" Virde) was keen to help as he, as myself, was not a follower of the DAMN church. I was keen to let him as he is a top player and has a reach my greater than my own.

Few hours after bouncing ideas off eachother we started work, first job was to remove cooknades. That was easy and 1 to a 0 in the weapon config files. The next was to nerf the smg in such a-way that they weren't as powerful at long range. We did those to the best of our abilities. And Promod 4 was born.

I could write all day each decision each peice of code that was alterd, but that would be less interesting, and you know it for the most part.

What this is a massive thank you to all of those who has helped me, which is, quite frankly everybody who plays CoD4. There is no way on earth we would be here without motivation and support from these unsung hereos.

The thing I am personally most thankful is the support I personally recieved, and the chance to help the game. Anyone could of done what I have, anyone. I have a basic coding knowledge and even more basic modding knowledge. But these people gave me the benifit of the doubt and trusted what I churned out, dispite the fact that anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together could of done the same. I wouldn't of trusted a cock like me to do that. I am thankful that you did. So I can be pleased in myself that I helped this wonderful game and even wonderfulerer community.

Of couse there are people that offerd more than words for the project, JUSZN, Trivve, Raf1 and mavLP. These people put there time and heart into it, they worked for what we have today. Mav deserves his own bit, dispite our differences, on both view on the game and on coding. We managed to work together, well not so much work togther but do the work for myself and juszn and babysit me when I needed help. Same goes for trivve, we have had a rocky go of it all, but he has been a great help, dispite still in my opinion potentially fucking everything up at the end, and I am forever gratful for that. But this isn't about me, or any other of the people with extended effort in promod 4. Its about how the game will benifit. But this is clear and needs no words.

Obviously raf gets his own paragraph, the man who started the dream. Without him allowing us to use his name and providing us with the godly source code, this project would of got nowhere fast. It's his brand loyalty he created that made myselfs and JUSZN' job at the start 1 billion times easier. And despite our personal differences he put that behind him and put himself out to help us.

I am sorry if this sounds awfully glorified, it isn't supposed to. I'm just the man who put the last block on the pyramid, I emplore people not to forget the people who built the rest of it, it was so much more work than I put in.

I am sorry for the bitter end taste to this saga, the end is always what I had in mind. I am glad we are finally there.

Thanks once more! No way this could of been done without every, each one of you. I'm just the bloke who fiddled.

Good night, Much love,

-Jaymie "carlisle" Clifford.


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