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MW2: A console game in PC clothing
Written by jockyitch   
Monday, 20 July 2009

ImageSomehow, deep inside I knew that someone who considers the Secret of Monkey Island on XBLA (XBox Live Arcade), to be "a must have classic!", is not going to be looking after the needs of PC gamers. If you don't follow Fourzerotwo's tweets on Twitter, you probably missed that gem...

Back in the CoD4 days, Fourzerotwo, Infinity Ward's community manager, was not known to have really cosied-up to us mouse wielders. Looks like that trend continues.


Yesterday, Mats aka 'SpacePig', one of OpenWarfareMod's co-creators asked IW's point-man this question regarding whether the uber-limited MW2 "Prestige Edition", containing night-vision-goggles, would be available for PC gamers.

Source  " @fourzerotwo no prestige for pc?"  - SpacePig

Not to my surprise, spacepig reports the following response:

"Nope. Hardened and Standard edition for PC." - Fourzerotwo

Yet again, IW has not gone the extra mile for the PC community. 

For months, I've been harping at how IW treats the PC community: as though we were suffering from halitosis. Many have ignored the that due to the huge impact CoD4 has had on PC gaming? Does IW deserve a pass? Is it acceptable to continue getting second rate treatment?

Remember the CoD4 Beta back in '07? While XBox gamers got nearly a month head start towards carpal tunnel syndrome with CoD4 MP, PC gamers got to play a visually, less-than-stunning, SP level for a few days before the game's release.

The game's awesomeness seems to blind some in the PC community at the double standard being shown by IW towards us. I say 'some' because there are others who have been saying this for years.

When developers show as little interest as IW has had in the PC is no wonder that the PC user base feels shunned and is beginning to leave. Some of us do have some self-respect after all.

Though far from perfect in PC-support, contrast the difference between CoD:WW's attitudes towards us and IW's. Regardless of what you might think of CoD:WW, Treyarch at least made the effort to think of PC gamers. Yes they have made many technical missteps in CoD:WW, but on a relative basis, they really did try to cater to us. For example,

- PC gamers got an MP Beta - not true in CoD4
- Co-op Zombie mode was provided for both console gamers and PC gamers alike.
- Same was true for the "prestiging" - not true in CoD4
- Criticisms by PC competitive and pub players, scripter and mapper alike have stung Treyarch, but they have learned from their mistakes:

Though /record was initially missing - it was provided in subsequent patches
CoDTV support offered to competitive gamers
Improved maps reflected comments made by competitive players Sound issues in the game, though too difficult to fix in CoD:WW, will be considered in their next game
Treyarch has consistently sought out companies to sponsor their DLC's so that PC gamers could get them for free.
Treyarch's terrible early record in providing timely Linux Bin and Mod Tool support seems to have completely turned around. Patch v1.5 saw an unprecedented set of deliverables from Treyarch: The patch itself (900+ Mb), four new maps, Mod Tools update, Linux Bins and Steam update --- all provided on the same day in a nearly seamless fashion.

Given how they were faring with the PC community eight months ago, I think Treyarch deserves the "comeback-kid" award.

As weak as Activision's support for the PC platform has been, do any of us in this community think that IW will provide us even with the same level of service as we have seen Treyarch provide? 

Jokingly, in BASH 111 I said we should have a drinking game based around anyone at IW saying the word "PC" - and if we did, it would take years before anyone got drunk. the five months since the MW2 full-court media press started, you could have finally taken your first sip towards inebriation during the Youtube vid of the great Prestige-Edition unboxing. Oh...and the use of the word "PC" was only indirect at best.

Will the CoD community be able to withstand the continued ambivalence towards us by the publisher and devs of this game? Or will we simply be left on the side of the road one day (...a not so subtle nod to the Wii gamers looking on with melancholy).

We led off this rant with SpacePig's query to fourzerotwo, so I will let him have the final word:

"I played a lot of videogames until I tried a new game that came out named Call Of Duty. I was intrigued. A  bit later they released the expansion pack UO, I got it and loved it. Never played another game.

I the waited and bought CoD2, CoD4:MW and CoD:waw. I have never bought any other games since UO.

Someone gave me Brothers in Arms and some other games for birthdays and they are still unopened. At the same time as I am saying that I love this game series I am not saying that I always think that the developers are treating us with respect. By "us" I mean the pc players.

While I get daily emails from people who ask if we will make OW for MW2 because if not, they wont bother buying it...I also have people like JD (JD_2020 CM at Treyarch) making public posts about how messed up OpenWarfare is, based on the fact that Treyarch devs only got around to testing cod:waw mp on a dedicated server five months after release!

However, I still try to give them props since I do appreciate the work they try to achieve even if the results are not always apparent.

And yes, I am also not always that nice to them either.

In summary, I am confident in saying that there are lots of people like me that are solid fans, pc players, of the Call of Duty series. And no, the likelihood for me to switch to a console to be able to enjoy it to the fullest is not very high.

In fact, it will not happen. 

I am and plan to stay a PC gamer."

- Mats "SpacePig" from OpenWarfareMod 


 Tsk, tsk Mats...clearly you have never experienced the Secret of Monkey Island.


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