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CoD4: CEVO-P TP vs vVv Playoffs
Written by jockyitch   
Friday, 25 September 2009

Tonight's events made my personal FPS highlight reel. Thanks to Ian Tannehill (Head of Game, CoD4) at CEVO I was able to spectate the CEVO-P Lower Bracket Elimination playoff game (round 4) between Team Pandemic and vVv (Vision, Valor, Victory) right in the server with the two teams. 

Front row tickets as it were. No streaming video lag, just pure crisp in-game action.

And what action!

Like most of you, I have only managed to watch the "pros" get-it-on through demos or video-on-demand...watching it live with others in-server gave me a whole different sense of the game.

For those that don't follow eSports, or competitive CoD, the CoD4 CEVO-P division is home to the best of the best North American CoD4 players. The CEVO-P season four (probably the *last* season for CoD4) playdowns are currently underway and tonight's match provided us with a great opportunity to see the game played at a high level.


Team Pandemic, North-America-CoD4's perennial juggernaut, proved too tough tonight and put down a surging vVv team on mp_citystreets and will advance against PureEsports next Monday for the privelege of participating in the Championship CEVO-P match against Loaded.

Limitless, Crzg, Keith and Canadians Rob-Wiz and Nicolas started on defense for Team Pandemic facing vVv's Frizz, Cubed, SparxLP, Starbuck! and Sintax.

mp_citystreets (also known as District) is a tough map for the offense, but VVV was determined to prove they were up to the challenge. One of the keys to playing this map requires domination of the center marketplace. Sintax from vVv certainly understood this and right from the get-go sprinted out of spawn, avoiding a hailstorm of nades and attempted to own this key piece of real estate by perching himself on the wall overlooking it. However, as would happen time and again during the match, VVV would lose the market and their players would be cut off and cut down, one by one.

First Half

In round one, vVv telegraphed a B-side assault only to see it cut to shreds, leaving Cubed surrounded and without options.

vVv came back in round two, again trying out B. They were a bit more patient this time and tied things up.

Moving to A in round three, vVv advanced quickly but faced a well-hidden Keith, who was playing peekaboo inside cafe at top-A (on the defensive side of the well). Resisting any flanking attempt, Keith's play forced a quick 2-1 score for Pandemic.

Round four saw Starbuck bringing the bomb into "nade alley" in the center of the map on the way to B. He waited patiently inside the top B house, taking out both Nic and Rob as they strolled by; however, as was the case throughout the match, his team did not have the depth to match up with Pandemic and Limitless and Keith took him out after he planted.

vVv changed up again, going A this time, but Crzg shut down the market on them. He waited at arches and mowed them down one by one. 4-1 Pandemic.

It's all Pandemic the rest of the half as vVv's smg'er, Cubed, could not effectively flank any of TP's AK's, who were content to sit along the defensive back-line and wait for victims. Round 14 saw the low point of Cubed's first half frustrations as he made it across the market only to be gunned down by a prone Limitless who was playing dead atop the stairs.  On the positive side, Cubed would go 14-12 in the half leading his team in frags.


Two individual performances in the first half stood out. The first was by Keith, who had a great half (he went 17-1-8) and in round six he whacked three vVv'ers in the span of a few seconds.

Rob-Wiz also stood out giving us an inkling of what was to come in the second half. Though playing very cautiously -- he camped out the stairs at the A bombsite most of the time -- flashes of brilliance shone through. But sometimes, being good requires you to be lucky. Round 15 found him at A looking towards the arches when two vVv players literally sauntered past his upraised AK47, oblivious to his presence. Almost not believing his luck, he quickly squeezed the trigger felling Cubed and injuring Frizz whom he finished off by using his trusty Deagle.

Why doesn't that kind of luck happen to me?

The half goes to a poised and patient Team Pandemic 10-5.

Last Half

Rob starts the last half like he did at the start of the game by sniping. Mixed results follow as he takes out Cubed, but is flanked by an AK-wielding Sparx - ironically vVv's sniper.

Round 17 sees TP swarming the A site and they surround it in text-book style. There are no half measures here as Pandemic throws in all their shifts. However, Starbuck, Cubed and Sparx slowly peck away at the edges of TP's circular defense and they eliminate it. Round to vVv.

From here on out Rob-Wiz pulls away from the crowd and turns a good game into a memorable one.

After using his Deagle to win Round 18, Rob joins TP in a mad rush into B. He fakes the plant and kills Cubed at B-Connector. With seconds to go in the round he rushes across market to A and plants there. An apprehensive Starbuck and Frizz follow the ticking timebomb sounds only to run into Rob waiting for them at top A on the other side of the wall (offense side). Starbuck gets SMG'd trying to tie up Rob while his mate attempted to defuse. He lost the battle to the pandemic superstar, leaving Frizz's back wide open. Rob didn't miss.

This was one of the best rounds in the match and Pandemic never looked back.

In the last round, Rob switched to SMG and blasted poor Cubed and deagled Sintax leading his team to a 16-10 thrashing of vVv.

I asked Rob to comment on his play in the last half of the match: "That was some vintage wizard sh*t", he said.

Ahhh yes, SMG'er turned sniper, now wordsmith....

gg guys.

What's next for Pandemic? Check out the full CEVO-P playoff schedule here

Wanna watch the game? Check out this link!

eFragTV Coverage of Pandemic vs. vVv 

Thanks John - great job with the camera. 




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