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Galactic Warfare mod back on track
Written by jockyitch   
Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I was fortunate tonight to get a chance to play the alpha version of the Star Wars mod, Galactic Warfare tonight. This talented German modding group is back on track with their total conversion mod of CoD4 and good will be coming out really soon! So soon I can taste it.

Group spokesman Xiao, had told us after BASH 124 was recorded that there were some team defections on the weekend, as a result of IW's lack of support of the modding community. However, I can tell you that as of today, the team is hanging together and they will be going full speed to get this mod out to you.

Right now, they have a closed alpha going and it's open for only the developers.  How did I get in? Oh...didn't  I tell you I'm doing some of the Rebel Alliance voice-overs? You could say that my ability to intone "Banthapoodoo" got me front row tickets to the game. 

Here's a screenshot of the opening menu screen. Wait until you hear the original score that plays in the backround. It's awesome.


I can tell you from practical experience, the mod plays great and is very immersive. When the Blackmonkeys finally get this game finished, you will not know this used to be CoD4.

The details these guys have thought of is incredible. Even the grenade throws have new animations. During my session, we played Free for All and S&D. Both were great fun and the map we were on, Tatooine, was beautiful. The mappers got this one bang on. I was totally sold that this was a hot, dry planet and all I kept hoping was that a Coke vending machine would spring up around the next corner.

Hitboxes have been tweaked smaller, so it's not as easy to get frags in this game.

When playing the Imperial side, I used the DLT-20A assault gun and the RT-97C sniper. Both were fun to use and had their own personality.

Here's the RT-97C:


Congratulations mapicted, Xfckup (Wern), Xiao and the rest of the modders/mappers/sound-engineers on the team. This mod is such a great example of what Infinity Ward should be extolling not re-prioritizing.

You can find out more about Galactic Warfare by listening to this podcast: BASH 116


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