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Friday, 06 November 2009

BASH is pleased to present Battlefield Bad Company 2's producer who comes to us all the way from the home office of Digital Illusions CE (DICE) in Stockholm Sweden, it is none other than the legendary Gordon Van Dyke.

Gordon is on BASH to talk to us about all the awesome tech going into his new baby, BFBC2.

This is a wide-ranging interview and we cover a lot of ground. With me to help cover that ground with Gordon (aka "Lex Luthor") is BASH regular, Garetjax from

Among the interesting personal facts that Gordon drops our way is that he was a former competitive player (hence the "Lex Luthor" tags), but get this...he was also a PC modder. And his mods are the reason he got to work at DICE. I'm sure his street cred with our community just shot straight up, huh?

Of course we asked about BFBC2 as well.

  • We go into depth on the Frostbite gaming engine.
  • We talk about the possibilities of modding the game.
  • We talk about the potential for competitive BFBC2 play.
  • We of course talk about the fact that BFBC2 will have dedicated servers.
  • The PC beta is also discussed.

Thanks to all the folks who helped make this cast happen: Gordon at DICE, Matt Pruitt, Jino T. and Kelly E. at EA. Thanks guys.


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