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MW2: IW gets AC130 takedown notice
Written by jockyitch   
Sunday, 08 November 2009

As you may be aware, our very own PST*Joker has made assertions on BASH that the MP AC130 and several other MW2 features were influenced (without any recognition) by him and other PC modders.

A few hours ago, I saw a Tweet go out from a community member suggesting that Joker issue a takedown notice of Infinity Ward's AC130 MP vid on YouTube.

"@pstjoker I just thought you should send youtube a DMCA take down notice regarding the #MW2 AC130 video. See how youtube responds." (@therealrudedog)

I think Joker took up the idea and I can only assume he's more surprised than anyone that a few minutes ago YouTube yanked IW's AC130 video right off IW's official channel.

AC130 vid removed

I've mentioned before that MW2 has been like a marriage breakup between PC gamers and IW. Now, this has all the earmarks of a messy divorce.

By the way, I certainly don't envy Fourzerotwo in any of this -- as if he doesn't have enough on his hands. All of this seems very unfortunate all the way round.

Just a few minutes ago I spoke to PST*Joker and apparently he did make the takedown claim and YouTube did take down the original official video from their IW channel. Joker forwarded this reply from IW's community manager:

"Really? Copyright infringment claim? :sigh:" - Fourzerotwo DM  on Twitter


This was the original video; however, the vid below is from a non IW account:


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