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BASH 129: MW2 Review
Written by jockyitch   
Sunday, 15 November 2009



If you have ever read this stinging commentary:

“…in a world of thoughtful and passionate gaming CEOs, Bobby Kotick stands alone. He doesn’t play video games, but he sure knows how to make money off people who do….Kotick doesn’t play his games, and it shows.”

…or this summary of MW2’s SP:

“Am I glad I played the game? Yes. Can I see myself replaying it? Maybe not. It’s satisfying to step into the shoes of people who are so uncompromising, and the game is brilliant at creating the feeling of moral vacuum, but it’s not exactly a feeling that’s comfortable, or even fun. During many scenes, I found myself simply emptying clips into houses, knowing there could be innocents inside. Why not? I was trying to survive”.

...or these words with respect to MW2’s multiplayer:

“Call of Duty came from the PC gaming scene, and it was there that it was popularized. ….it’s sad to see a game that has such a rich history on our favorite platform feel so neglected in its newest incarnation. The port of the single-player campaign is strong; the game looks, plays, and feels incredible on a capable gaming PC. The Special Ops missions are perfect if you’re in the mood for a teeny-tiny LAN party but the multiplayer offerings feel like Infinity Ward is trying to cram a round peg into a square hole.

It’s not what we’re used to, it’s not what we want, and the changes made to the online matchmaking set-up and lack of dedicated servers negatively change the online experience. It’s just that simple.” might know that the criticisms come from one of the most intelligent gaming writers around: Ben “Stasis7″ Kuchera from (Opposable thumbs). Ben is the gaming editor at Ars Technica and is on with us to talk about Modern Warfare 2 and its impact on the PC landscape.

Also with us to talk about MW2 are: ibleedv20 from, Andy (the impaler) coons  from Loaded at, rudedog from and garetjax from As well, our resident console expert mattks is here from, @weplaycod.


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