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MW2: Modders make dedi servers?
Written by jockyitch   
Monday, 16 November 2009
*NOTE: It is very possible you may be banned by VAC for attempting any of this. You have been warned...ok, that said...

Looks like the folks over at Teknogods have done it - or as close to have "done it" as we have gotten so far. They have created a co-op loader that allows a dedicated* server to be used instead of a local host set-up.

This "work around" essentially, enables a listen server, and lets a client connect to an arbitrary IP like, for spec-ops mode only.

Read the details here:


Six days after release, it looks like there has been a successful attempt at arriving at a community based hack of 

Is this truly a dedi-server?

*Note that, in some people's lexicon, a dedicated server should not require a graphics card and it should be pointed out that in the Teknogods setup...a graphics card is required for the host server. If you choose to use the latter definition (dedi server = no-gfx card) , then the community might be some days away from that realization.

Realizing the "true" definition of dedi-servers might be difficult; however, there is hope given the following dvars found in the game's .exe:

badhost_endGameIfISuck "1"
badhost_minPercentClientsUnhappyToSuck "0.51"
badhost_minTotalClientsForHappyTest "3" would appear, that you could theoretically lock the server down to one specific host by simply turning off "endGameIfISuck". This way, the server would not get migrated. Underscore "theoretically".


A separate group, AgentGOD (note how all modders consider themselves deities...just an observation) has build a console enabling hack for MW2. This vid, showing the hack at work, just surfaced on YouTube:



Thanks [ESWAT]Kougom for the heads up.

The Youtube video above seems to indicate a "normal" IW.NET multiplayer match where the video's producer (sprinter773) has used the console enabling hack provided by AgentGOD to enable some server-side settings to be changed (e.g. experience points gained per event, jump heights and weapon characteristics).

The video states:

Thanks to AgentGOD and his great work bringing the developer console back into the PC version, a whole new wave of servers are possible with vast amounts of customisation. Things such as unlimited ammo, massive experience points (10000xp for a single kill), Field of View tweaks, speed and gravity adjustments and so much more! The best bit is, this is all ranked and on IWNet! I guess the game is no longer balanced to **** the PC gamers over!

I'm assuming that this video will not last long on YouTube as Activision has been aggressively enforcing its copyright.

Read more on the Infinity Ward Official Forums here.

Thanks taemun (from #bashandslash IRC) for the interpretation of the technical details and also to SevenSniff (the modder who originally came up with the throwing knife for CoD) for some of this information.


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