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The Call of Duty 2 FAQ
Written by jockyitch   
Friday, 07 September 2007

Welcome to's Call of Duty 2 (CoD2) zone for PC's.

CoD2 is the sequel to the first person shooter franchise video game, Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is produced by Activision and is developed by the gaming and graphics gurus, Infinity Ward out in Encino California.



The Call of Duty 2 1.3 patch is the only patch you will need and is an all-inclusive installation, containing all of the previous updates from the 1.2 patch and the 1.01 patch. I

The patch fixes some multiplayer game and level issues, raises the gamestate from 16k to 128k and addresses the PunkBuster GUID issue where players were not being assigned PunkBuster GUID's of exactly 32 characters.

Download it here.


The Game 

The release date for CoD2 was October 25th, 2005.

Like the original CoD, CoD: UO and CoD3, CoD2 is set in Europe during World War II.  CoD2 incorporates three campaigns: A Russian Red-Army, U.S. Army and British Army campaign.

In the game, the player takes on the role of several Allied soldiers in particularly historic missions during World War II. 

Weapons Loadout: 

The player can choose between two different weapons. He can also carry fragmentation and smoke grenades.


The player can kneel, go prone, and stand.

Health and Situational Awareness:

The heads up display at the lower left of the screen shows enemy troops and friendly forces. Markers designated A and B indicate locations of mission objectives where the player must attack or defend.

Player damage is indicated by the sound of the character's heartbeat becoming loud and the screen reddening. To recover, the player must find a quiet place to recover prior to re-entering the fight.

Some weapons don't just damage you, they can kill straight away. Grenades or tank fire can kill the player if they are too close to the source of the explosion.

Map making support 

Infinity Ward, under pressure from the community to release map making support, did so in April 2006. At that time they released "Radiant" which allowed players to create their own multiplayer or single player maps.

In addition to Radiant, IW provided software in the form of the plug in to the very popular Maya 3D modeling software to allow players to create effects, asset managers (allowing custom models to be made).



PC multiplayer servers can accomodate up to 64 players.  

Unlike Singleplayer, Multiplayer allowed players to play as Axis players in addition to Russian, British and American soldiers. 


Stock gametypes included: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, and Headquarters.


System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • 1, 4 GHz Prozessor (Celeron / Duron)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • ATi Radeon 9200 / GeForce 4
Best Performance
  • 2, 5 GHz Prozessor (Athlon XP / Pentium 4)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • ATi Radeon 9800XT / GeForce FX 5900



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