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BFBC2 Server issues
Written by jockyitch   
Saturday, 06 March 2010

As great a game as BFBC2 is, they have been a victim of their own success. There have been many who have had connectivity issues.

While I had a few problems day one (a PB update problem), things have gotten much better, but you can just feel the strain in the system as soon as you try and use the in-game browser.

And yes, I too can't stand using the lose a lot of time waiting for the server list to come up (and many times it does not).

DICE has been responding to these complaints and has the following comments:

Bazajaytee (yesterday): Source

We are sending out new servers to our providers called "R5". They will be testing them out and changing over the servers by tomorrow evening. This server contains some fixes for the "Connection to the server has been lost" message that a lot of you will have seen.

We are also working on making another new server over the weekend as EA has set up some dedicated front-end boxes just for Battlefield Bad Company 2 which we will update the server to use and should work to improve the stability of connections to EA for everyone.

For some who cannot connect at all (using PLAY NOW or the browser) Bazajaytee says:

That is likely to be solved by the 2nd update when we can make use of the dedicated BFBC2 PC servers.

btw: PC currently has more people playing and are in game servers than both the consoles.

Noticed on Kotaku that this post was taken the wrong way. The PC had more players than either console not more than both consoles combined. You'll need to work to beat both consoles combined effort

Great news!

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