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MW2: Making for the exits
Written by jockyitch   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010

The mainstream gaming press is reporting today that IW has lost more talent:

Despite rumours of Call of Duty developers being "held hostage" over withheld bonus payments, it nevertheless looks like more of those involved with the series have begun to leave Infinity Ward following the sacking of the studio's founders.

As revealed by the pair's Linkedin profiles, Todd Alderman, a Lead Designer and one of the key personnel involved in Modern Warfare's multiplayer (not to mention Modern Warfare 2's story), left the company last week, as did Francesco Gigliotti, Infinity Ward's lead software engineer. Both were long-serving members of the studio, Alderman having been with Infinity Ward for eight years, Gigliotti for seven.


- Kotaku (source)

None of this is a surprise, given the horror stories being written about the morale at Infinity Ward before, during and after Jason West and Vince Zampella's departure.

Alderman's resignation was probably secured the second Jason West was escorted out of Infinity Ward. A long time West understudy (some would say "lackey"), it seems perfectly logical that Todd would quit and my bets are that he follows his mentor - wherever that path takes him.

The departure of the Alderman and Gigliotti marks just the start of the slate-cleaning I expected at IW. I cannot imagine that many of the employees there, who used to having free reign over "their" intellectual property, putting up with the new corporate culture: a culture which will now see Activision appointing a czar to oversee all things CoD.

As for the resignations, it might tell us something about what has been going on behind the scenes. Chances are that either IW finally paid out the MW2 bonuses, or West and Zampella have gotten new gigs and are starting to hire people. Maybe both.

All the drama makes me really wish Grant Collier was still at the helm over there.

Speaking of Grant, the info I hear is that he's now retired and living in Hawaii. I'm still looking for confirmation. Maybe we should start up a "Where in the World is Grant Collier?" contest!


Thanks Beaknuke and  @nwallman and Chris E. for the heads-up

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