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BASH 146: Client is King
Written by jockyitch   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mainstream games are leaving the hobbiest modders out of the loop and embracing only the player…the client truly is king in recent releases. Will this continue in the future?

We discuss this idea and many others in the finale of our two part roundtable with PST*Joker ( and Rudedog ( In this episode we explore EA’s BFBC2 and Medal of Honor and Treyarch’s Call of Duty 7.

CoD 7

Has the marketing campaign already started? Is the new site part of an Activision marketing strategy for CoD7…a game being dubbed “Black Ops” by the community.

EA Partners head honcho David DeMartini claims CoD7, which is due in November, will be regarded as substandard. Is DeMartini just trying to be incendiary or does he have a point? Read DeMartini’s comments here.

Looking at all the coming releases, CoD7 may be the only hope for modders. Without a new gaming engine to bring in customers, the ability to mod the game may be an important edge to rally a PC CoD community decimated by MW2.  Treyarch certainly has the confidence of many PC players and the fate of CoD as a viable franchise going forward could very well be in their hands.


Most PC gamers are thanking their lucky stars that EA and DICE are around, without them, there would not be much to do in the aftermath of MW2.  DICE has given us a game that really strikes a chord with FPS gamers. It looks great and plays really well as a pub game. But server admins are reeling and modders are left out in the cold.

There are no mod tools for this game, nor will there be it seems.

On the Website 9lives, Patrick BACH senior producer of DICE spoke on the availability of Mod Tools

“Bach: Not at this time. It is not that we are evil at DICE, but it is very difficult to implement it in contemporary video games.  It’s all become much more complex compared to the past. We do not deny that it takes a lot of money to this production.

But if there is enough feedback and enough people who request it and are willing to pay, then we’ll definitely think about it.  Now we wanted to focus primarily on creating the best Battlefield game.”

Will modders move to “second tier” games and leave the mainstream, multi-million dollar games alone …given that most are now restricting MOD access?

MOH - Tier 1

We speculate on what two developers will mean to product consistency.  Will the online game look different than the single player?  What will the online experience be like?  Will we get dedicated ranked servers? Will the game be moddable?

What will we get from EA LA and from DICE?



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