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BASHandSlash moves to Wordpress
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011

If you haven't heard by now, BASHandSlash has moved to a WordPress format. We are going to leave the old content on this Joomla site up, but we will now be redirecting to the WordPress website.

When you check out the new digs, you will notice an immediate difference.

We've gone a bit minimalistic and the text will be black on white...not gamer-white on black. The tone of the site will also be a bit different, maybe I'll actually live up to the "bash" and "slash" names.



The Summer of Free Love
Written by Jock   
Tuesday, 05 July 2011
I hope everyone has been having a great summer. Mine has been relatively busy, but I thought I would leave my self-imposed exile from the Internet to talk about some of the gaming experiences I have gone through lately.

As you may know, if you are a regular on the BASH Boards, I've taken a little sabbatical from blogging to get a few Real-Life things done. Let me first start off by saying that blogging is way more addicting than I thought. The first few days I was away from the website I felt as though I was going through heroin-withdrawl (I can only speculate of course...never having ridden the white horse).

Every day that has gone by has been getting easier to be away from the 24x7 online world, but rather than go completely cold-turkey, I thought I would take the advice of reader Liquid and fill you all in with some of the gaming experiences I've had while on hiatus.
Here they are:
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Getting Real with RO2
Written by jockyitch   
Monday, 04 July 2011

When it comes to stirring up emotion, there's nothing like having a Run'n'gun (RnG) vs. Tactical Realism (TR) debate.

Without painting too broad-a-brush, I've known quite a few Tactical Realism (TR) gamers who view Run'n'gunners as a set of folks only one notch above noob. How can any sane adult want to play FPS games with all that jibing and juking going on? Undisciplined fire. Undisciplined tactics. RnG's must infuriate TR fans...why can't they see that the RnG play-style as unrealistic fantasy. Arcade fluff, that's what Run'n'gun gaming is all about.

To many Run'n'gunners, TR practitioners are a misguided lot whose insistence on fitting their square-TR-peg into a round FPS gaming hole is bound to simply create perpetual irritation. TR gamers insist on taking perfectly good Run'n'gun-style games and ruining them by overlaying rule after restrictive rule on players. No running, no excessive gunning, certainly no jumping and god forbid no hopping. Run'n'gunners see TR gamers as moribund, camping geriatrics with slow reflexes and cataracts. Certainly that must be the case? Why else would they prevent anyone from running and hopping around?

My own view on the matter is that FPS gaming is a very big world and all manner of personal taste can fit quite nicely within it. There's plenty of room for both RnG and TR gamers...only, not on the same server.

The real problem, up to now, has been that there really hasn't been a good TR game worth keeping everyone's attention. reader Sgt. Carter [17th AB] would like to suggest that we are but mere months away from the answer to all TR fan dreams...dreams that might also appeal to some of us (like myself) who consider RnG to be the superior game style.

First, Sgt. Carter poses the following riddle:

"What's still 2 months away, several years in the making, created by former modders, a PC exclusive, AND will support mods?"

Why, Red Orchestra 2 of course.

Let's turn it over to Sgt. Carter and get him to sell you on RO2 and TR.

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