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BASH 183: Brink it On
Written by Jock   
Sunday, 15 May 2011

On this cast we take a look at a new game from Splashdamage, a British dev that gives us a slightly different take on what has become a fairly boring FPS scene.

That game is BRINK, an FPS that runs on id's Tech 4 engine and supports multi CPU cores and uses the Valve Anti-Cheat system.


With me to talk about Brink is:

Ian Tannehill from the eSport tournament site CEVO at

and Jim Miller from

Brink, was released this week to a mixed bag of critical reviews, it seems that Brink will be an acquired taste.  One of the more intriguing aspects of Brink is that it has been touted as the latest savior of FPS eSports.

CS is long-in-the-tooth and losing players daily, CoD developers have long made it a habit of completely ignoring eSport and Homefront not recognizing its potential, it has been left to Brink to be the competitive hopeful.

How does the game play? Is it balanced? Does it bring skill back to the FPS genre? These are all questions we explore on this cast.

Add your comments here.

BASH 182: First Person Spammers
Written by Jock   
Sunday, 01 May 2011

The topic today on BASH focuses what has happened to skilled shooters over the past few years. Specifically, those FPS games that put the onus on ability. They seem to have been replaced by games that jam in a considerable amount of extraneous fluff whose purpose, apparently, is to keep gamers attention just long enough for the next DLC to come around.


Tastes have changed over the years and nowadays, "classic shooters" seem to be relegated to the dustbin. What is "in" are the eye catching bells and whistles that grab the average gamer by the eyeballs and keep them playing for all of ...well, a week.

What's going on and is the trend reversible?

Will skilled shooters ever make a comeback?

What are your thoughts? Add them here.

Read Messiah Complex's excellent rant on "Why This Will be my Last CoD"


BASH 181: The Sound of Battlefield
Written by Jock   
Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The team that built the soundscape in Battlefield Bad Company 2 raked in awards for their efforts. The 2010 BAFTA For Use of Audio, GameSpot's Best Sound Design award for 2010 and The Game Audio Network Guild Award for Sound Design Of The Year 2011 are examples of such laurels.

On this webcast, another BASH webcast devoted to Battlefield 3's development staff, DICE audio director Stefan Strandberg comes on to explain his philosophy of sound design.

Stefan brings imagination, passion and analytical skill to his craft and you can hear the results in every DICE game he has worked on.

His sound crafting made BFBC2 one of the best sounding FPS games ever and the recently released trailers indicate that BF3 will continue that excellence.

The information Stefan covers enlightens and entertains and I for one will never take in-game sounds for granted again.

If you want to add your thoughts on this discussion, click here.

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