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Homefront Dedi Server Tools
Written by Jock   
Monday, 11 April 2011

Homefront devs at KAOS just released Homefront Dedicated Server Tools. The server tools come out less than a month after the release of the game.

Clans with their own dedi boxes will be happy to hear that the Server Tools allow you to set up your own server if you wanted and it does not need Steam to be running. The tools also provide a built-in RCON tool (though you can also download community RCON's like I suspect there will be more RCON tools coming out very shortly with this release.

If you have Steam you can install the Tools by clicking on Steam Client ---> View ---> Tools, then look for the Homefront Dedicated Server.

You will see all the necessary files you will need here "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\homefront dedicated server".

This is the description from Kaos's Homefront Blog:

Digital Extremes and Kaos Studios are happy to announce the release of Homefront's Dedicated Server Tool, which is currently available via Steam Tools (from the Steam client taskbar, click on “View” then “Tools”). With its easy to use graphical interface, players can now manage and maintain their very own server. The complete list of features can be found below. We are happy to help experienced tool developers who are looking to create their own remote control (RCON) tools. If interested, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Set server name
Kick team killers / Max team kills
Set max players (players can specify from 2-32)
Round time
Respawn time (1-10 seconds)
Score limit:
·         Team Deathmatch (1000-30000)
·         Ground Control (400-2000 - the higher the number specified, the longer the match will take to complete)
VAC secured (yes/no)
Auto team balancing (yes/no)
Friendly fire (on/off)
Disable vehicles (yes/no)
Record game (yes/no)
Player list
Local and global ban list
Server administrators will also have the option to kick players, enforce spectating, or swap teams.

The Homefront wiki has more info: Dedicated Servers

Battlefield Play for free
Written by Beaknuke   
Monday, 04 April 2011

The word “Battlefield” is defined as a battleground, an area where a battle is fought or where the ground is under a sphere of contention.  For a dedicated PC gamer, this word means something else entirely.

Since it’s release in 2002, the Battlefield franchise has had significant growth since the very first offering: 1942. Most notably, in 2005, with the arrival of arguably the best Battlefield game in the franchise, Battlefield 2. BF2 as it is known by its aficionados, brought us the epic clash between US Marines, China and a fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. BF2 gave you your chance to fight with M1A2 Abrams tanks, TV Guided Missiles, APC's, heck, you could even fly fighter jets. For the grunts out there you could be a SpecOps, a Sniper and even an Anti-Tank specialist. Your soldier had a role to play in this game. BF2 also had the Squad leader or Commander feature which made team work paramount and required you to work as a cohesive squad if you wanted to capture areas within a map and hold them from the advancing opposing force.

This is what makes Battlefield standout against all other First Person Shooters and brings us the "true" definition of the word "Battlefield".

Today, launches the next phase in the Battlefield Franchise with the Open Beta of what is known as Battlefield Play4Free. You can sign up for P4F, right here:

When you sign up you enter battle as a recruit and you can enjoy maps that are culled from previous BF games: Strike of Karkand, Gulf of Oman and much more.

But you might be asking yourself why should I play a free game, I just want to play Battlefield 3.

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BASH 180: Platform Specialist
Written by jockyitch   
Saturday, 26 March 2011

This week, as part of's special series on Battlefield 3 and its developers, we welcome Platform Specialist, Frostbite Engine coder, the award winning, Christina Ann Coffin.

With her on the program is Battlefied's Community Manager, Daniel, aka "Zh1nt0".

Just prior to the podcast, Daniel and Christina had visited GDC 2011 in San Francisco, where Christina picked up her first Women in Gaming Award, in the Engineering category.  We talk to her about that award and discuss what special challenges face women in game development.

Christina programs for multiple platforms but obviously has strong sentiments for the PS3. She helps us understand why she has some fondness for the Sony platform by giving us a summary of the talk she put on at GDC ( that talk was titled: "SPU-based Deferred Shading in Battlefield 3 for PlayStation 3").

We also roll up our sleeves and talk about the nuts and bolts of game programming. Christina's work with low-level languages brings her face to face with the hardware and it's because of her dedication and those of her colleagues, that we end up with awesome graphics and good frame rates.


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