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BASH 179: DICE|Figge
Written by Jock   
Saturday, 12 March 2011

This BASH special edition cast will be one of several we will do on Battlefield and Battlefield developers.

The Battlefield franchise development studio, Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE), headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden has cranked out some of the most phenomenal FPS games of this young century.

To showcase the folks that brought us those games, BASH has been given exclusive access to DICE staff and the result are these up-close and personal interviews with the dev team.

In todays cast we have Daniel, aka "Zh1nt0", the Battlefield community manager. Daniel has built an amazing reputation in the community as a hard-working, straight-shooter. We recently witnessed all his tireless devotion and passion as he introduced our BASH community to BFBC2 and has appeared several times on BASH.

Daniel brings along DICE's lead designer on Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam and now, the lead designer for Back to Karkand, for Battlefield 3, Niklas Faegreus aka "Figge".



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CoD:BO First Strike Ascension Zombie Trailer
Written by jockyitch   
Wednesday, 09 March 2011

I'm going to have to calm down all my friends over at the when they see the following CoD:BO Zombie trailer for First Strike Ascension.

They're not real monkeys guys! No monkey actually gets hurt in the playing of the map. So take it easy...and have a banana.

Speaking of calming down...there's still no word when First Strike will be out. We keep hearing April 1st...but that will just lead me to quip sarcastically.

The DLC will have the following maps:

  • Ascension – A zombie map with new weapons and creatures (aka monkeys) to fight.
  • Berlin Wall – Checkpoint Charlie in Germany.
  • Discovery – A map set in an Antarctic research facility.
  • Kowloon – Set in Kowloon
  • Stadium – a map set in a hockey rink (note: I'm Canadian, saying "Ice Hockey" is redundant).


BASH News 2: Hillary gives more headlines
Written by jockyitch   
Saturday, 05 March 2011
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