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BASH 178: You're Stopping Innovation
Written by Jock   
Saturday, 12 February 2011

On this week's BASH we will be talking about innovation and creativity in video games. Specifically, are gamers stopping innovation and creativity in the Call of Duty franchise?

Innovation is about the art of renewal. It's taking something and changing does not mean coming up with something brand new -- that's invention. Invention...or creativty and innovation are a little different. Creativity is about creating something out of nothing.

The topic of innovation and creativity has come up because of a recent interview by JD_2020, Treyarch's CM: link.


Treyarch's community spokesperson suggests that gamers are might be hindering the artistic growth of the games they play. Many have interpreted the comments as a direct attack on their community. After all, aren't customers allowed to criticize the products they buy?

We look into this issue with's Jim (aka Rudedog). It was Rudedog's community that first brought this to light to us here on and hopefully our conversation will provoke greater debate.

You're comments on this cast go here.

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RoH: First Look Play Test
Written by iBleedv20   
Monday, 07 February 2011

Sam (aka iBleedv20 was at TWI studios this weekend checking out Red Orchestra 2). He files this report on the game.

There is a new player in FPS-town and its honest gaming-origins contrasts starkly against today's pop-gaming, gadget-oriented shooters that seem to be crafted more by psychologists than by game-developers.

That game is Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad (RO:HoS). RO:HoS by any other name...well, if you did call RO:HOS by any other name, it would still smell as sweet.

RO:HoS takes you in and does not let you go until you have captured your objective or won the campaign. You would expect this type of immersion from a single player game that has the advantages of storyline and cinematic exposition, yet RO:HoS does this in multiplayer.  How many recent FPS MP's can you say that about?

My play-test of the alpha of the game ranged between the feel of the typical "pop-video game" we are recently used to and that of a classic game from the PC-platform's heyday...a lovingly crafted and immersive shooter that strives to be playable, realistic and most of all relevant all at the same time.

For this gamer it succeeds at all those things.

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RO:HoS Community event
Written by iBleedv20   
Thursday, 03 February 2011
Here is the first of iBleedv20's exclusive reports from the Red Orchestra Community Event at TWI.
A Man and His Gun Game

Often times, as gamers, we lament the fact that the core feature of gaming ,"The man and his gun", has been lost or covered by layers of gloss and gimmick.  We forget or won't put down the Killstreaks and the Perks to revisit that pure state of the First Person Shooter.

It seems that John Gibson of TWI has not only remained steadfastly unaffected by the glossy trends of the current FPS gaming fare but that he unequivocally sees his own creation running counter to them.

That does not mean Gibson is unaware of what makes a game tick in the sense of replay-ability.In ROHOS there is also a ranking system.One driven by experience and realism that not only changes the war weary appearance of your avatar but unlocks elite weapons. Weapons earned by climbing the learning curve as opposed to cashing out Monopoly money.

John is a proud man but never seems prideful. I was pleased that he shared his pleasures of his multinational packaging from past releases: a plaque presented from Gabe Newell of Valve and an expensive replica of a German Weapon that was an STG43 or 44. I really don't recall because it wasn't the gun that was catching my attention.

This man is no blast from past

During my lunch with him I had the opportunity to gauge the man who gave up his first love, music...specifically, Thrash and Speed Metal, to pour his art into a new mold.  The new mold of Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad

It was Chinese...the lunch, that is. Yet when you sit with JG  lunch is the last thing on your mind.

Our conversation quickly and sporadically flitted from things such as adequate gameserver providers for 65 man servers, to realistic weapon balance, to music, to responsible accessibility for new players of ROHOS, to the evolution of gaming communities and on and on.

His art is game making and he makes them in an uncompromising yet balanced and realistic way. And all the while, as I sized up the man behind the game I had the sense of the same "sizing up" coming from him.

Tomorrow we play-test.

I have brought my noob keyboard and get to play against the finest RO players there are.

And I have no Monopoly money.
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