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BASH 176: Schism
Written by Jock   
Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Call of Duty Black Ops competitive scene in North America is still trying to figure out which way it wants to evolve.  The main hurdle now appears to be gametype selection. For the game to succeed, the limited number of competitive players need to focus on one style of play; however, the major mover-and-shakers in the community want to play CTF, whereas the average player seems to want to stick to S&D. What should the community do?

We also find out how tweaking is affecting the game and get into some late-breaking personnel moves at Tournament sites GGL and ESL.


On to share their views on these issues is Australian gamer, Jordan (aka Sensuki) from Archaic eSports. Jordan, no stranger to BASH, is a BlackOps admin at and is still shoutcasting games at Gamestah in Australia.  Jordan brings a unique and refreshing perspective from down under. We compare the Aussie scene with that here in North America and to give us the latter perspective we have Jim and John from

John, the owner of has put on BO casts and both bring years of CoD experience both as players and community leaders.

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BASH 175: Tweakz
Written by Jock   
Sunday, 16 January 2011
Tweaking the player configuration file (config_mp.cfg) has been a right of passion for most hardcore Call of Duty players. To many CoD noobs, the config file is a box of unknown hieroglyphs -- those noobs would be surprised to find that the ability to change the variables in the configuration file on the client-side has been mired in controversy since CoD:UO.

On today's webcast, we talk about tweaking the config file in the latest CoD release, Black Ops.


With us to talk about tweaking is cActUsjUiCe, a long-time tweaker in Call of Duty.

We explore the FPS meta-hobby of tweaking.

Why do people tweak?

Why do the developers allow individual gamers to modify the game through the config file?

Is tweaking equivalent to hacking?

We look into some of the secrets that have been found in Black Ops and explore the ethics and morality of using them in game.

Your thoughts go here.

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CoD:BO seta r_fog_disable
Written by jockyitch   
Tuesday, 11 January 2011

As supremo, ujelly and Whiteangel40 have mentioned on the BASH Boards, you can remove fog from CoD:BO by adding the following command to your config_mp.cfg player configuration and then write protecting the file:

seta r_fog_disable "1"

The command does exactly what Raf1 advertised back in his big Dvar list we published back in November. Link.



Fog Disabled


Removing fog should get some of you a boost in FPS. 

If you are a competitive player be assured that you will undoubtedly be allowed to use this command in game. CEVO confirmed this with me today. As well, we have heard reports that ESL will be allowing it. Fog was removed in past CoD Promods and any Black Ops Promods will undoubtedly remove it as well. With the above cvar don't have to wait for the mod to come out!

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