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BASH 173: 2010 In Review
Written by Jock   
Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 was a big year for FPS games. For the past few years, Activision's Call of Duty has owned a near stranglehold on FPS gaming and this was the year that EA tried launching a counterassault to get some of that marketshare back. EA's three-pronged assault came at us this fall: MoH, BFBC2 and now the Digital Expansion Pack Vietnam.

Activision's response to all this was overwhelming: CoD: Black Ops. Black Ops set massive sales records...over $1B is the current tally.  Those are numbers that will surely make Riccitiello and his colleagues realize that they need to work a little harder if they want to topple the big boy on the block.


Sales are one thing...are the games worth playing? Is EA making progress? These are all the questions we look at on today's BASH.

On with me today are Sam (iBleedv20) our inimitable Crosshairs host (the corollary to BASH <--- inside joke) and our great friend Jim (aka Rudedog) from

Thanks to both of them for joining me and looking back at the year that was in FPS-gaming: 2010.

Your comments are appreciated: Click here

BFBC2: Hastings unlocked
Written by Jock   
Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Hastings level in BFBC2: Vietnam has been unlocked by PC players. The PC platform had been in the lead over the console PS3 and XBox platforms, most of the week and it was no surprise that this morning we reached the 69 million combined team actions to enable the unlock. Actions were defined as either Resupply, Revive, Heal, Spot or Repair. While some may look at this as a gimmick, there are many seasoned gamers who found this challenge completely in the gaming spirit.

Well done PC players.

Here's my first, sad attempt at this large map.


Watch live streaming video from bashlive at


On a sidenote, if you have a mobile phone or an Ipod, you should consider downloading the free Livestream app for the Iphone/Ipod and add the channel: bashlive and watch us play live or stream recorded videos. I'm doing so as I speak and the quality is great.

Written by jockyitch   
Friday, 24 December 2010

I wanted to wish all the readers and listeners of a wonderful Christmas.

This year was particularly good for us as we launched the Network. That Network brought you the venerable BASH podcast and new offerings like Crosshairs and MonkeyBusiness.


We are especially proud of the latter two casts. Crosshairs,'s live webcast, is incredibly challenging. It is a testament to the drive of the individuals involved that it has succeeded. Big thanks to iBleedv20, Joker, Toyed and all the folks who have contributed in any way to that show.

Also, I must tip my hat to the BlackMonkeys who produce the German language MonkeyBusiness show. Their first foray into podcasting was a home run (I mean....goooooollll!). Thanks to Xiao, Rollercoaster and the great team at

Big thanks of course go to you, our's your support that keeps making us want to do these casts. Have a great holiday with your family and stay safe.

Though it has been a good year, there were times that the actions and words of some have made us want to ditch it all and quit this hobby. It's for these grinches that we dedicate this seasonal song... 



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